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From headaches helps a pencil in his mouth

If you have a headache, try to keep a pencil in his mouth - it is possible that the pain associated with overexertion of muscles of the lower jaw and a simple exercise to help them relax. This council gave readers The Daily Mail Specialist headache Jane Leonard.

Such pain often associated with stress, anxiety, fatigue, and frustration caused by spasms of muscles of the face, the neck and scalp. In particular, we are talking about the temporal muscle and the muscles of the lower jaw. Spasms of the jaw muscles may be associated with dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, caused by a strong contraction of the jaw or creaking teeth during sleep (bruxism).

At the same time, as noted by another specialist, physiotherapist Julie Sughra (Julie Sugrue), 80% of headaches are related to tension muscle spasms of the neck, and the method proposed by Leonard, in this case does not help.

One type headache - migraine - can be overcome by food.
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