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» » American psychologists have discovered the secret of a happy sex life

American psychologists have discovered the secret of a happy sex life

Yet it is necessary as they love each other more often recognized. According to The Independent, this recipe offered by psychologists from Chepmenskogo University (USA). They analyzed data relating tysyach almost 39 heterosexual couples living together at least three years. Participants were asked to rate how satisfied their sex in the first six months of the relationship, and decide whether the situation has changed in the time of the survey.

On his high satisfaction with sex in early life together reported 83% of the participants. Happy with the current situation were 43% men and 55% women, and dissatisfied - 41% of men and 27% women.

The analysis showed that those partners who are able to maintain sexual interest in each other for years, spend more time on caresses and kisses, often laughed together and recognize each other in love. In addition, to help new sexual positions and the implementation of the fantasies, as well as candles, music or exciting exchange of messages. Couples often have sex, especially oral, and often has an orgasm, a happy life together, than those who behave differently, the researchers found.

Previously, scientists from Johns Hopkins University found that married couples who use contraception have sex more often those who are not protected.
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