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How useful kisses

So, what is useful kisses

Firstly, they improve blood circulation, and at the same time and metabolism.

Second, develop a light kiss. When at rest for a minute, we're doing about 20 breaths, then while kissing their number could double or even triple.

Third, during this kiss 29 facial muscles working, and this is not only a great exercises for the face, but also the prevention of wrinkles.

Fourth, when two people kiss, their bodies are filled with energy, because there is adrenaline. This body comes to tone. During a passionate kiss in the brain reactions occur which are comparable to skydiving, and the heart rate increases to 100 beats per minute.

Fifth, people who often kiss, suffer from tooth decay is much less likely than those who do not like this occupation. During a kiss saliva is released more rapidly, and it is known, it has the ability to clean the teeth and to normalize the acidity in the mouth.

Sixth, kissing - it massages the gums, and also a very good way of preventing periodontal disease.

Seventh, a kiss may be involved muscles of the back, neck, legs, arms. In general, if you're kissing, you burn more calories than when you just sit. This suggests that kissing - allies harmony.

Eighth, while kissing the brain cells are better supplied with oxygen, and this has a positive effect on memory, concentration and mental abilities.

Ninth, kissing protect us from negative emotions, stress and depression. During a kiss allocated special enzymes that hinder the development of the stress hormone. Nature does not create anything superfluous. All invented for something, and kisses - is no exception. After all, we kiss those we love: the kids and parents, all close friends and, of course, the favorite. Newest gets special kissing - now an expression of sympathy, attraction, sincere feelings.

Tenth, while kissing activates the so-called hormone of happiness - endorphin. Through kissing life becomes brighter and more saturated.

How useful kisses

Two more reasons to fall in love kissing

After the experiments conducted by Japanese scientists concluded that while kissing increases the production of the necessary antibodies to fight allergies.

When lovers kiss exchanged with each other by bacteria, most of which, fortunately, they are useful. It turns out that the composition of bacteria in all people different. When transferring "foreign" bacteria activate the immune processes and produce more antibodies.

But what about the dangerous bacteria? How not to infect your partner, such as the common cold? To do this, you need to resolve before kisses candies from a sore throat. Because of antiseptic components disinfected they all mouth.

I think you'll agree that 12 reasons enough to kiss more often. After all, if we kiss the person, so we love it or, at least, it is pleasant to us. The kiss we put her tenderness, affection and love. And here are some facts to help make sure that kissing is very useful.

Human lips are very sensitive, hundreds of times more sensitive fingertips.

Men who kiss their wives before leaving for work, live about 5 years longer and have a higher income. Dear women, be sure to tell their husbands about it! Men think about it, because such a way to achieve longevity and wealth are not only available, but also very enjoyable.

Interesting facts about kissing

About 60% of people during the kiss turned a blind eye.

Throughout his life on kissing man spends about 2 weeks.

Of all the animals on the lips kiss chimpanzees, horses, dogs and Canadian porcupines.

The longest kiss owned several pairs. The couple kissed Grisvald of America 29 hours in a row and won the competition in 1998 kisses. In 1999 they overtook Dror Orpaz and Carmit Suber. Kiss the pair lasted 2 hours longer. They did not have 15 minutes to 31 hours. In 2000, and this record was beaten. After a 31-minute kiss Rich Langley and Louisa Almodovar very weary, and fell exhausted.

The longest kiss under the water lasted 2 minutes 18 seconds.

The longest kissing couple from Chicago, making every hour 5-minute break every day and allocating 2 hours for rest and a meal. Their kiss lasted almost 18 days.

A.E. Wolfram set another record. He was able to kiss the 8 th. People in 8 hours.

On the screen the longest kiss, John Barrymore, the role of Don Giovanni performer in the film, which was shot in 1926. The actor was 127 kisses with two actresses: Estelle Taylor and Mary Astor.

Set their own records. And let your life will be a lot of kisses, and with them the happiness, joy and love!
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