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» » Why can not wash with hot water

Why can not wash with hot water

Water - the universal tool that helps us to maintain an optimal level of cleanliness of the face and body. Whatever hygienic means you do not use, without water can not do.

Each of us in the morning so did not want to leave a warm bed. The hope though as that brighten the awakening in the bathroom, we include the water warmer than making a big mistake. This is especially true of the fair sex who care about their appearance. Washing the face with hot water spoils the skin and contributes to premature aging. In this article, we will tell you about the negative effects of hot water on your skin.

1) Hot water is irritating to the skin

The facial skin is very sensitive to extreme temperatures (both low and high). If you wash with hot water, it will thus weaken the blood vessels of the skin. So there will be red spots, and regular washing with hot water leads to injury of blood vessels and redness may remain for a long time. To avoid such problems, then do not wash with hot water significantly.

Particular caution should be exercised to people with sensitive skin. Doctors Estheticians assure that sensitive skin washing with hot water can result in the appearance of acne, pimples and spider veins.

2) The drying effect of hot water

Your skin covered with a thin protective layer of natural oils. When you wash your face with hot water, and then deprive the skin is a protective layer, which leads to drying and flaking. Although warm water better cleans the skin, but at the same time deprives the epidermis of the protective layer, which is undesirable.

To maintain optimum skin condition it is best to wash with lukewarm or cold water. So you will be able to avoid excessive drying, and the need for moisturizing creams and lotions will disappear by itself.

Noticed that wont wash your face with hot water leads to accelerated aging of the skin. Due to the drying effect of hot water skin quickly loses elasticity and wrinkles appear on it.

Slow down the aging process can be, giving up washing with hot water. If you are worried that the cold water worse cleanses the skin, the use of special hygiene products will allow you to solve this problem.

3) Hot water may lead to facial burns

Too high temperature of the water can be dangerous for the skin. Skin pores simply can not cope with such extreme temperatures, which will result in burns. His face turns red, and over time, due to loss of moisture, the top layer of the epidermis starts to peel off.
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