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What you need to know about good and bad cholesterol

Why do we need cholesterol

Cholesterol - a fat-like substance used to build cells, the so-called building material, vital man:

Without it, the human body can not function properly and produce vitamin D, sex hormones and adrenal hormones.

Lack of cholesterol can cause serious hormonal problems, and in severe cases lead to the extinction of libido and even infertility.

We need it and to produce serotonin - the hormone of joy and good humor, the shortage of which a person develops depression and suicidal tendencies.

American scientists published the results of sensational research, according to which people who have managed through tremendous efforts to minimize the level of cholesterol, are more likely to become depressed and committed suicide.

Especially need cholesterol growing child's body - it determines the normal physical and mental development of the child in many ways. Cholesterol enters the body in two ways - one part of it is produced in the liver, while the second, smaller part, comes together with food. That is why breast milk is rich in cholesterol and in the diet of growing children for the full development include fat-rich foods.

What you need to know about good and bad cholesterol

Cholesterol is good cholesterol and bad

Cholesterol is divided into "good" and "bad", on the basis of what kind of damage it can cause when an excess amount, although man, as stated above, is necessary for normal life, and he and the other of its kind. Cholesterol is good through the liver and the intestine safely eliminated from the body without causing harm, which is why it is considered good.

Excess cholesterol is "bad", unfortunately, it is not excreted from the body:

It tends to deposit on the walls of arteries in the form of cholesterol, thereby narrowing the vessels and leading to the development of atherosclerosis.

When these plaques eventually become too large, they can completely block the artery that leads to death of tissue of any organ, deprived of the possibility of getting blood needed oxygen and nutrients.

This process can occur in any part of the body, but is most dangerous when it occurs in the heart - then evolving myocardial infarction and brain - a stroke occurs; less frequent bowel infarction.

Intrigue cholesterol that often it shows no signs of anxiety - the person feels completely healthy and did not even know that he had dangerously high. Check and control your cholesterol is vital, because its increase - a time bomb.

That is why doctors recommend starting from the age of 20 at least once every 5 years to take a blood test for cholesterol is a good, general and poor. Moreover, the need to monitor all parameters simultaneously, as a general analysis is often normal, and the level of bad points to impending problems.

Cholesterol is considered a very important factor and is widely used by physicians to assess the overall health of the person along with the level of sugar, blood pressure and body weight.

What you need to know about good and bad cholesterol

The most important criteria for evaluating the health status

There are five main criteria for evaluating the state of health in which it can be concluded that you do not get any cholesterol problems if all these parameters are normal:

Total cholesterol - no more than 5 mmol / l
A bad cholesterol or low density - less than 3 mmol / l
Blood sugar level - no more than 6 mmol / l
Blood pressure - less than 140/90 mm Hg
Waist circumference in men - less than 102 cm in women - are not more than 90 cm

Previously it was thought that cholesterol metabolism problem unique to the elderly, linking it with the inevitable aging of the organism, slagging and metabolic disorders. But now this problem, like many others, it is "younger", which is understandable. The fact that older people are traditionally used to eat healthy homemade food, thereby reducing the risk of such diseases.

The younger generation is fed mostly fast food - the most harmful of modern food. Various hamburgers, chips, soda, and other semifinished products contain many preservatives, dyes and other chemical additives.

Such food, drink regularly, by the age of 25 can create a bunch of health problems, including cholesterol. Doctors are sounding the alarm, because atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels began to find even in children.

But there is good news - scientists have experimentally proved that the early stages of atherosclerotic changes in vessels, provoking the development of hypertension, respond well to treatment and are completely reversible.

What you need to know about good and bad cholesterol

How to lower bad cholesterol without drugs: prevention

Doctors claim that the increase for the prevention of bad cholesterol in the blood is enough to stick to the following simple rules:

Eat vegetable fats instead of animal

First of all, you need to revise your diet, increasing to a minimum the use of harmful products such as fast food, convenience foods and preservatives. Especially harmful are considered foods with trans fat, called fat-killers and are considered the main culprits in the rapid growth of cardio - vascular diseases and cancer in humans.

Trans fats are so unhealthy that the United States was obliged to each manufacturer to specify their content in their products, and strictly follow the exceedance of permissible norms. Trans fats are found in virtually all types of industrial baking, sauces, mayonnaise, chips, and even in children's biscuits. Therefore, be sure to read the labels and do not buy products containing margarine and hydrogenated fats.

Most people in the fight against high cholesterol make the mistake and completely exclude from your diet all vegetable oils and animal fats. This is a very dangerous delusion - vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol and are necessary for normal body function.

For example, vegetable oil activates lipid metabolism and promotes the excretion of excess cholesterol, so it is recommended to patients with diabetes mellitus. A fasting adopted tablespoons vegetable oil promotes the release of bile and reduce the painful symptoms of gallstones.

To avoid a high level of bad cholesterol in the blood, doctors recommend:

fill salads with vegetable and olive oil instead of mayonnaise,
eat meat with the vegetables and bake on the grill to drain off the fat,
broth to cool and remove the top layer of fat,
cut the fat from meat and skin from chicken.

Do not overeat

Try not to overeat because overeating and overweight are often the trigger for the development of various diseases
Arrange at least occasionally discharging your body in the form of a one-day fasting, that will be very useful.
Remember that the main secrets of longevity lies in the fact that they have very little to eat, because the body needs much less food than is commonly believed.
Normalize weight

It is necessary to normalize their weight because obesity contributes to further increasing the bad cholesterol, and vice versa, while reducing the weight of its normal level. For this very helpful moderate exercise, especially doctors recommend walking, which is equally suitable healthy and immunocompromised people.

To drink a lot of water

Also, you need to carefully monitor their drinking regime, because the lack of water intake leads to dangerous dehydration and many diseases, in particular to:

blood clots,
increase hemoglobin above the norm,
formation of blood clots.

Often, starting to drink water, and to restore its water-salt balance, you can get rid of many diseases, including cardiovascular.
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