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5 tips for relief of menopause symptoms

Problems in the body that occur during menopause woman can she understand that she came to this point of his life, if it has been some characteristic features of menopause.

  • First of all, disturbed menstrual cycle. In mild cases, the monthly allocation just become more rare, and eventually disappear altogether. Some women, on the contrary, there are heavy bleeding, occurring out of time and lead to massive blood loss;

  • After the cessation of menses greatly reduced the intensity of normal vaginal discharge, there is dryness of mucous, which causes burning, itching and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Not excluded, and phenomena such as incontinence when coughing or sneezing, frequent urge to urinate during sleep, burning sensation and pain in the bladder;

  •  Failures in the autonomic nervous system occur among the first, and they are connected with a sharp drop in estrogen levels in the blood. The most frequently observed so-called hot flushes: a woman feels the heat on the surface of the face, chest, and hands sometimes. Then the skin is covered with copious sweat, heartbeat quickens, it becomes difficult to breathe. The attack goes away within a few minutes. Usually, hot flashes often occur at night than during the day. According to their frequency of doctors give an opinion on the severity of climacteric syndrome (up to 10 hot flashes per day is considered to be a violation of easy, not requiring medical intervention);

  •  Women who have entered menopause, frequently complain of disturbed sleep (snoring, apnea, frequent awakenings, daytime sleepiness), as well as nausea, dizziness, headache, and weakness;

  • There is atrophy of the pelvic ligaments. As a result, the location of the bladder and urethra is changed, which is fraught with loss of the uterus and the vaginal walls;

  • The lack of estradiol in a woman's body affects the bone condition. They become brittle (osteoporosis symptoms appear);It increases the risk of fractures even in low mechanical stress. Vertebrae experiencing so-called osteoporotic compression, leading to the development and growth reduction stoop. Patients experiencing pain with prolonged standing and walking, complaining of discomfort in the joints;

  •  Negative changes in skin condition, expressed in the lack of supply covers. The skin becomes flabby and wrinkled. There is a growing facial hair growth. On they pubic and head, on the contrary, greatly fall; 

  • There are emotional disorders that are expressed in undue irritability, feeling of anxiety and fear. Some women appear depressive moods, while others - the desire for caller behavior, too bright clothes and make-up that looks sometimes inadequate. Often patients complain of intolerance to certain odors, loud noises, bright lights, and so on. D.

 How to go through menopause without any problems

 Symptoms of menopause can significantly reduce quality of life. Nonetheless, illness menopause is not and can not fully recover from it. With proper behavior of women can relieve unpleasant symptoms and go through this period relatively painlessly. Experts advise when approaching menopause:

1. Unsubscribe from all bad habits;

2. Change the diet in favor of the predominance of vegetables, fruits and "slow" carbohydrates;

3. Start taking vitamin complexes, enriched with calcium;

 4.Engage in physical exercise, hiking in the fresh air;

5. Try to get enough sleep and not be nervous.

5 tips for relief of menopause symptoms

Adherence of the day and the food usually relieves with mild climacteric syndrome. If hot flashes occur more often than 10 times a day, it makes sense to consult a gynecologist. He will appoint a hormone replacement therapy, which will lead the body back to normal and reduce the intensity of unpleasant symptoms.

 menopause every woman runs individually, so to self-medicate in any case impossible. The drug, herbal or procedure that "good friend helped" may not only be useless in your case, but also cause serious damage to your health. Proper behavior and timely access to a doctor to help get through this difficult period in your life, maintaining health and ability to work.
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