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» » The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar folk remedies

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar folk remedies

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar folk remedies

What is osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine: Symptoms, Causes

Lumbar spinal osteochondrosis is a violation of the mobility and the destruction of intervertebral discs in the lumbar - sacral spine. Incorrect or late treatment of this disease can lead to complications such as the sciatica and intervertebral hernia.

The causes of lumbar degenerative disc disease are different. The main factors contributing to the destruction of the tissues of the spine include:

genetic predisposition;
metabolic disease;
body changes associated with aging;
poor posture, improper load on the spine due to wear uncomfortable shoes;
spinal injury;
work, which is associated with heavy lifting or being in one position for a long time;
sedentary lifestyle;
flat feet;
frequent and severe stress;
smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
Symptoms of lumbar - sacral osteoarthritis occur in the first place, a strong back pain radiating to the lower extremities. Pain can be acute, occurring cough, due to awkward movement, or dull and aching, while increasing the slopes, after a cold or a stressful situation. After a long rest the pain subsides a little.

There are other signs of acute illness:

muscle tension;
decreased skin sensitivity, peeling, dryness, cyanosis;
restriction of movement;
Treatment of the disease - a long process that requires patience and a serious attitude. To enhance the effect of drugs useful to treat lumbar degenerative disc disease at home.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar folk remedies

Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease folk remedies: homemade recipes

Traditional methods of treatment to help relieve pain, remove inflammation, prevent re-aggravation of the disease. However, before using any folk remedies need to consult with a specialist.

Treatment of lumbar - sacral osteochondrosis

A decoction of the leaves of burdock help ease symptoms and speed recovery:

Carefully grind the leaves of the plant, to get a tablespoon of raw materials.
Then pour the grass a glass of boiling water, cool and filtered through cheesecloth.
The potion dampen the cloth and attach it to the back, secure the polyethylene and a woolen scarf.
After 20 minutes, the dressing should be removed.
To put compresses is recommended daily for 30 days.

Rubbing in lumbar osteochondrosis

To cure the disease will help tincture of elderberry:

For its preparation is necessary to fill 100 g of raw material to 400 ml of alcohol.
Put the mixture into a glass jar and insist 7 days.
Use the tincture for grinding waist.
The procedure is preferably carried out daily at bedtime for three weeks.

Ointment for the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease

The ointment, which will eliminate the pain, it is very easy to cook at home:

You must take in equal proportions, pork fat, as well as frayed potatoes and horseradish root. All components are thoroughly mixed.
Rub ointment affected area twice a week before bedtime.
The procedure should be carried out as long as the inflammation does not take place in the lumbar spine.

The aggravation of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar: treatment

Reduce severe pain during exacerbation of lumbar degenerative disc disease will help the healing ointment from the hop cones:

It is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of the crushed hop cones and mix them with the same amount of butter.
We need to put ointment on the lower back in the evening and leave on all night.
To smear the affected area should be every day until the symptoms disappear.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar folk remedies

Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease of honey

Funds on the basis of the honey are very effective in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

need to mix honey (100 g) To prepare for the compression of the mixture of aloe leaves, pre-shredded in a meat grinder (50 g), and cognac (400 ml). Insist 3-4 days.
Gruel should be spread back, tie a bandage and a warm scarf.
Leave overnight.
To put compresses every 7 days as long as the disease does not recede.

Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease garlic

It is necessary to push through a meat grinder garlic cloves, to get a tablespoon.
Add two tablespoons of mush lard and mix thoroughly.
Rub loin cooked in cream before going to bed and you need to leave it on the skin overnight.
Perform the procedure every day for a month.

Treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease horseradish

On the basis of horseradish can prepare an effective alcohol tincture of lumbar degenerative disc disease:

We need to take a half cup of grated horseradish and mix raw materials with the same amount of alcohol.
The mixture should be imposed on the affected area only for an hour before going to bed.
Then, remove the bandage and rinse the skin with warm water.
To put compresses should be a day for two weeks.

Treatment of lumbar osteoarthritis with leeches

Leeches can relieve the patient from inflammation and lower back pain. Hirudotherapy can improve blood circulation in the muscles, and bring the salt of lactic acid. Bloodsuckers contribute to the regeneration of intervertebral discs and removal of inflammation.

It wanted to spend about 7-10 sessions with leeches duration of 30 minutes. The interval between treatments - 5 days. After the course of such therapy the patient will be able to forget about poyanichnom osteochondrosis.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar folk remedies

Herbal treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar

An excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent is an herbal decoction of the leaves of burdock, dandelion root and herb St. John's wort.

All shredded ingredients are taken in equal proportions.
Spoon collection is necessary to make a glass of boiling water, leave for 5 minutes and drain.
Next you need to moisten the cloth into the potion and put on the problem area for 10 minutes.
Perform the procedure daily until complete healing of degenerative disc disease.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar folk remedies

Gymnastics in lumbar osteochondrosis

Simple exercises that it is desirable to carry out on a daily basis, to help improve the flexibility of the spine and get rid of osteochondrosis:

It should be on all fours. On the inhale need to alternately lift your right leg and left hand, and on the exhale drop them. Repeat the same left leg and right hand. We need to try to hold on to that position for as long as possible.
It is necessary to kneel before the chair and put his hands on him, hands outstretched. It should take a deep breath and arch the back. On the exhale slowly return to starting position. Make 10 repetitions.
Standing on all fours, it is necessary to try to turn the body in one direction and then the other. Repeat 5-7 times the turns in each direction. Over time, the spine becomes less constrained and tilts the amplitude can be increased.

Prevention and useful tips on how to avoid exacerbation of lumbar degenerative disc disease

To prevent the development of osteoarthritis or re-sharpening, you should stick to simple recommendations:

Try to reduce the load on the spine, namely, to monitor the posture while sitting and walking, lift weights less.
Daily devote a few minutes morning exercises and physical therapy to strengthen the muscles of the back and press.
Avoid prolonged exposure to cold drafts.
Eliminate bad habits, timely treat infectious diseases.
To control body weight, pay attention to diet in osteochondrosis. There are as many foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is recommended to remove from the menu all the fat, sweet, spicy, smoked and salty foods. It is recommended to cook food or to prepare them for a couple.
Perform self-massage, massaging hands or lower back massage with special devices.
See your doctor regularly and monitor the state of health.
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