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» » shoulder joint Treatment of folk remedies

shoulder joint Treatment of folk remedies

shoulder joint Treatment of folk remedies

Diseases of the shoulder joint: Symptoms, Causes

Shoulder pain certainly familiar to many. And it is not surprising, because the shoulder - the most active part of the musculoskeletal system.

Diseases of the shoulder joint are of different nature. They can be divided into two groups:

disorders associated with degenerative changes leading to tissue destruction,
diseases having an inflammatory nature.
Most often the following diseases of the shoulder joint encountered in medical practice:

Periarthritis is a serious complication of cervical degenerative disc disease is a degenerative and defeat tendons attach to bones. In the early days of pain appear in the night for no reason. Gradually, the intensity of pain increases, the patient feels very uncomfortable while moving a limb, especially when raising the arm and the side of her abduction.

Osteoarthritis is characterized by the development of degenerative changes in the cartilage, followed by its destruction. Pain occurs in the commission of any movements. The lack of timely and competent treatment can lead to complete joint immobility.

Bursitis. As a result of unnecessary accumulation of fluid in the bursa is observed shoulder area redness swelling, pain, increasing with pressure, limited range of motion.

Myositis - a defeat of muscle tissue and inflammation. It appears pain in the shoulder muscles, which increases with pressure. Because of the strong tension and muscle weakness lost joint mobility, there is swelling and redness.

The deposition of calcium salts. This process occurs in people older than 30 years. When the deposition of salts pain is felt constantly.

Dislocation - joint damage and displacement of bones. I feel pain when moving and pressing, visible deformity, swelling, redness.

Bruising is characterized by the appearance of a sharp pain in the joints, swelling, and even skin cyanosis.

A common feature of each of these diseases is pain, the intensity of which increases during movement. In some cases, joint mobility is severely restricted.

The causes of pain in the shoulder and the development of diseases include:

getting a shoulder injury, the lack of proper and complete treatment;
genetic predisposition;
delayed treatment of infectious diseases;
bad posture;
lack of exercise, being in the same position during operation;
excessive exercise, negatively affecting the shoulder;
activities related to the heavy lifting;
random sudden movement;
an unbalanced diet.

The ideal treatment option with the appearance of pain in the shoulder is to contact your doctor. However, treatment of the shoulder joint at home is also possible, in case of its correct combination therapy with conventional methods. Traditional recipes are complementary and allow to weaken the main signs of joint disease - pain and inflammation.

Treatment of shoulder joint periarthritis

A piece of gauze folded in several layers, it is necessary to moisten in saline (2 cups of water to 50 g of salt).
The bandage lay on his shoulder, fix polythene and tie a warm scarf.
Hold compress from evening to morning.
Perform the procedure every day for two weeks.

shoulder joint Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint

It should be mixed with 50 g of birch leaves, elder flowers, fruits strawberries and rose hips.
A teaspoon of the collection is necessary to make 200 ml of boiling water.
Infuse 5 minutes, then cool and filtered through cheesecloth.
We need to drink a decoction twice a day for one glass before meals.
Duration of treatment - 20 days.

Treatment of glenohumeral joint deposits of salts

Mustard promotes circulation and normalization of metabolism in tissues and dissolution of calcium salts in the joints.

Before bed, apply on the skin mustard, and top to put plantain leaves.
Compress fix polythene and tie a warm scarf.
dressing in the morning, remove and rinse the skin with warm water.
Repeat the procedure is recommended as long as the joint pain did not stop.

Treatment of dislocation of the shoulder joint

Healing power of a decoction of the root has bryony. To put compresses should be after the doctors have the right to the affected joint.

Grind the raw materials, to get a teaspoon and make it with hot water (0.5 L).
Boil for a drink on a low heat for 15 minutes.
Next, you need to filter the drug and give it to cool.
Putting packs recommended in the evening, leave until morning.
Use this method of treatment of dislocation to a full recovery.

shoulder joint Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint

Reduce the amount of synovial fluid in the joint will help the healing ointment based on honey.

For its preparation you need to mix liquid honey (2 teaspoons), alcohol (3 tsp) and aloe juice (1 tsp).
In the evening, the resulting mixture should be applied to the skin, put plastic wrap and wrap a warm cloth.
In the morning remove the bandage.
Making honey compress should be daily until the swelling come down and the pain will disappear.

Treatment of injury of the shoulder joint

An infusion made from fresh or dried leaves, cranberries, well relieves pain and swelling.

Two tablespoons of crushed leaves need to make a glass of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes and cool.
It is advisable to drink a drink three times a day 1/3 cup before eating.
Continue to drink the medicine for three weeks.

Treatment of myositis shoulder joint

Reduce tension and weakness of shoulder muscles, you can use a decoction of horsetail.

Dried leaves on a coffee grinder to grind to a fine powder.
A half cup of herb should be mixed with 200 grams of butter.
The homogeneous mass must be placed in a glass pot and put in the refrigerator.
On the gauze bandage is necessary to distribute a small amount of a homogeneous mass and apply it to the affected shoulder. Top to tie a scarf.
Hold for 3 hours. Putting oil compresses until the disease symptoms do not weaken.

Treatment of inflammation of the shoulder joint

Say goodbye to pain and inflammation in the joint as possible, by preparing medical ointment of propolis.

It should take a piece (3 g) of propolis and add it to the interior 60 g pork fat.
The resulting tool is recommended rubbed into the affected area overnight.
Making grinding daily until complete disappearance of symptoms.

shoulder joint Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of pain in the shoulder joint

Dandelion juice is an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent in traditional medicine.

It can be mixed with carrot juice in equal proportions. Receiving drugs should be carried out as long as the pain will not go away.
Also, the juice is used to rubbing shoulders. The procedure should be carried out once a day until the disappearance of symptoms of the disease.

Herbal treatment of the shoulder joint

Herbal Medicine is a very effective treatment, helping to forget about the pain in his shoulder.

It is necessary to prepare the collection of medicinal plants, which includes: the seeds of parsley and dandelion root (1 tablespoon), buckthorn bark (3 tablespoons) and mint leaves (1.5 tablespoons).
The components mix and pour two cups of boiling water.
To maximize grass gave their beneficial properties of the water, you need to put the drink on fire and boil for 5 minutes.
The broth to cool and filtered through a gauze.
Take the medicine three times a day to 2 tablespoons for 30 days. 

Prevention and useful advice on how to preserve the health of the shoulder joint

To forestall or prevent the development of diseases of the shoulder joint, you must adhere to the following simple rules and guidelines:

Keep mobile lifestyle. You can go swimming, aerobics and dance classes. Try to walk more.
Monitor weight. A balanced diet and moderate load will help bring the body back to normal.
Limit the carrying of heavy loads, in order not to create unnecessary strain.
Reduce the salt content of the menu, but to increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Milk and fish must be present in the diet.
To maintain the good condition of the cartilage to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day.
You must quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
Doing morning exercises and perform gymnastics, which improves the flexibility and mobility of the shoulder.
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