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Snoring Treatment at home

Snoring Treatment at home

What is snoring: the causes and mechanism of occurrence

Snoring - a guttural and nasal sounds loud enough that occur during sleep. This noisy breathing characterized by a greater extent for men. Scientists attribute this to the peculiarities of the structure of the sky. It is also characterized by snoring at some diseases, sedentary lifestyle, anatomy, or age-related changes.

Snoring inconvenience to others, especially when the snoring is in the cabin or other public place. But it is extremely unpleasant sounds are not the only drawback of snoring.

The fact that the person snoring in his sleep there are frequent pauses in breathing. If snoring is rarely the case, then there is no danger. But, if a person is constantly experiencing problems with breathing, begins anoxia. And after him stretch other health problems: cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, chronic obesity, impotence.

At the snoring person's risk of dying in a dream much higher than those who sleep quietly. Frequent snoring does not allow a person to fully relax, sleep, for the most part, the surface, alarming. That is why it is impossible to treat snoring as merely unpleasant phenomenon. Early treatment is necessary.

Snoring in children

Nasal congestion or other diseases can give a steady snoring in children. If the child looks healthy, and the night is noisy breathing, you should consult a doctor, otolaryngologist.

Usually the cause of snoring children are polyps, adenoids, deviated septum. Any treatment of snoring in children should be supervised by a physician.

Snoring and Pregnancy

Quite often, pregnant women who had never encountered a similar problem, unexpectedly discover that snore. Many fear that this unpleasant phenomenon will remain with them forever. But worry not worth it.

Pregnancy affects the organism of future mother. Deterioration of blood circulation, tone and overall reduction in weight gain often leads to this process. After birth, the body will return to normal and snoring away.

Treatment of snoring during pregnancy is carried out only in exceptional cases, when the breath excessively complicated and women can not fully relax. In other cases it is better just to try to sleep in a comfortable position, ventilate the room before going to bed, to prevent colds.

Snoring Treatment at home

Snoring Treatment at home: folk recipes

Snoring - not a sentence, and it is quite possible to cure or at least reduce the people's means.

Snoring Treatment of starvation

It is not a long-term hunger, but actually on the bottom of the discharge.

Once a week you need to give up any food.
Drinking is allowed only pure water.
This unloading of the body helps to remove mucus from the nose and throat, frontal and maxillary sinuses. That, in turn, will help to ease breathing.

Snoring Treatment at home

Snoring Treatment of cabbage

For this recipe you will need one cup of cabbage juice. To juice add a teaspoon of honey. Thoroughly mixed and consumed before going to bed. For good effect, you should drink a drink every night for a month.

]Treatment of snoring of carrots

A very simple and effective way.

Before going to bed it is necessary to eat a carrot, baked in the oven.
It can be made from mashed with the addition of vegetable oil.

Snoring Treatment at home

Treatment of snoring with sea salt snoring

Before going to bed is useful to wash out a nose brine.

For a glass of warm pure water add a teaspoon of sea salt, stir thoroughly and rinse your nose. This is a very efficient way with nasal congestion.

Treatment of snoring with distilled water

The method is simply to drink distilled water. This water is the ideal solvent. It "connects" with a mucus and removes it from the nasopharynx.

Drinking purified water for a month, combining with weekly fasting.

]Treatment of snoring with buckthorn oil

The essential oil of sea buckthorn helps to cope with the difficulty of nasal breathing.

Just before going to bed to drip one drop in each nostril. However, the effect does not occur immediately, but only after 2-3 weeks.

Snoring Treatment at home

Herbal Treatment of Snoring

Good coping with snoring mint, thyme, eucalyptus. But the use of these herbs in a pure form is not recommended. Much better to use essential oils of these plants.

Put a pillow next to the piece of cotton wool with a pair of peppermint drops, thyme or eucalyptus, it will help ease breathing during sleep.

Treatment of snoring special exercises

Exercises to eliminate snoring makes it very easy and simple.

It is enough to strain the lower jaw and with an effort to pronounce drawl letter "I". Repeat this exercise several times a day for at least one month guarantees a significant reduction in snoring.
It is also effectively a "clatter" language. Internal muscle tone come in during classes, strengthened and not "sag" during sleep.

Prevention and useful tips on how to deal with snoring

Snoring can indicate faults that occur in the body. Timely elimination of these problems can get rid of snoring almost forever. The main prevention measures include:

Rejection of bad habits. On the dangers of smoking and alcohol said a lot. We can only add that the metabolic disorders caused by bad habits lead to a prolonged and severe snoring.

Excess weight - one of the main causes of snoring. Almost 100% of obese people suffer from this disease. Keep track of your weight, it is an excellent prevention of snoring.

Colds and poor diet contribute their "contribution" to the nasty and dangerous process. Any "common cold" virus infection should be treated promptly.

Hardening great help heal the body, to protect from any respiratory disease.

You should also pay more attention to your diet. Nutrition should be a full, varied and rewarding as possible.
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