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Sex and women's health

Scientists also proved that in the process of having sex in the saliva of an increasing number of antimicrobial substances which are detrimental to the microorganisms destroy tooth enamel. Thus, the sex is good for health and dental caries prevention is remarkable.
But the lack of sex, on the contrary, a negative effect on health. In particular, sex health benefits as the prevention of diabetes. During orgasm, a man come in the tone of all the glands of internal secretion, normalizes the endocrine system, particularly the pancreas. As a result, it improves carbohydrate metabolism, increased insulin production.
Sex and women's health
Ask a question about how to affect the health of sex, and scientists of the University of Pennsylvania. After several studies, they concluded that regular sex contribute to the development of antibody immunoglobulin A, strengthens the immune system, enhance the body's resistance to infections.

Sex also helps produce the hormone prolactin, responsible for the generation of new cells in the brain. This fact was established by scientists of the Institute of Queensland, responding to a question about how to affect the health of sex. They are also advised to have sex on a regular basis in order to prevent disease in old age, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Well, that during sex, the blood is thrown a decent dose of happiness hormones (oxytocin, endorphin) know everything. They not only contribute to the emergence of feelings of euphoria, full of happiness, but also affect the reduction of cortisol - a stress hormone. Thus, sex is a powerful antidepressant and the best remedy for stress. Endorphins, moreover, are a good analgesic and especially good for headache. So it is a very good reason women are denied their men in sex, citing a headache.  

By the way, women's health and sex - is generally a separate topic of research. During sex hormone estrogen produced by the ovaries, which has a positive effect on the skin, nails and hair of women, is the prevention of heart disease, pain associated with premenstrual syndrome. A released during sex hormone prostaglandin prevents the emergence of long-term depression in women. Thus, sex and women's health are directly linked.

Useful sex for men's health. After all, the lack of sex contributes to excessive accumulation of the male hormone testosterone, which in turn leads to the acceleration of protein metabolism in the body, its rapid aging. Therefore, in particular, men and women live on less, because their bodies quickly "wear out." In addition, testosterone - a hormone aggressiveness. Regularly engage in sex the man more calm and balanced, because freed from unnecessary aggression, "pouring" in her sexual energy. In addition, sex is the best prevention of prostate cancer.

It is also scientifically proven that regular sex (at least three times a week) reduces the male part of the population aged 40-55 years, the risk of heart attacks and strokes exactly twice.

Also, sex is good for health of people suffering from insomnia. By promoting complete relaxation, the emergence of a sense of calm and tranquility, sex improves the quality of sleep. However, sex is necessary not only before going to bed, but in the morning - at this time of day love games help to improve the overall tone of the body, give a boost of energy, cheerfulness, positive for the whole next day.
Sex and women's health
Inseparable sex and health and in the fight against excess weight. During one sexual intercourse burns an average of 200 calories (this is equivalent to about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 40 minutes of skating, 35 minutes by bike or an hour playing tennis). During sex strengthens muscle groups, even those that are not "subject to" any sport.

The only, but rather an important point that should clarify - the sex and health are interconnected, if you engage them with a regular partner. Promiscuity with different partners often do not lead to improved health and to certain problems with it. The same heart attack or prostate cancer threatens not an exemplary family man, and men who have listed their love wins an impressive amount of women. Not to mention the delights of the fight against sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and hepatitis C.

Taking regular sex with a steady partner, you not only get to enjoy each other, but also significantly improve the condition of your body, renew his youth, protection from many diseases and mental disorders. Healthy sex you!
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