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Catering (food) for tendons

Why take care of tendons?
Problems with tendons and ligaments may occur primarily at people involved in professional sports, dancing, and heavy physical labor. At risk are the elderly and, in the event that they never cared about strengthening joint and ligament apparatus. In any case, those who do not pay enough attention to their tendons, exposes itself to a high risk of injury. Injured tendons can mean not only the end of a professional career, but also may trigger complications, fraught with further loss of limbs. It is therefore important to take care of the health of joint and ligament apparatus.
In general, health care exemplifies the assertion that prevent disease is easier and cheaper than to cure it. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until the tendons and ligaments, composed of connective tissue, will be subject to age-related changes, should strengthen them in order to old age hands and feet have served us.
And to strengthen the tendons can and should be like a special exercise and eating properly.

Diet for health tendons
It is important to understand that a diet is necessary first of all to those who suffer from excess weight. After all, the extra weight gives a huge burden not only on the skeletal system, but also on the joints and tendons. Overweight negatively affects the ligaments in general, disrupting the metabolic process in the body.
But also diet can cause illness tendons, as the power supply system with power consumption of a single ingredient, for example, the protein can cause imbalance of metabolic processes in the ligaments, which, of course, weaken the ligaments and tendons.
And if you have seriously thought of nutrition helps to strengthen the tendons, then take care of the food, rich in vitamins and trace elements.
Vitamins for tendons
The most important vitamins for the connective tissue that makes up tendons and ligaments are vitamin E and C.
Tocopherol, belonging to the group of natural compounds that make up the vitamin E is simply vital in strengthening the ligamentous apparatus. Most of this valuable vitamin containing cereals (especially wheat germ), parsley, lettuce, celery, carrots, vegetable oils, egg yolk, sea buckthorn, beets, seeds and nuts, as well as garlic and wild rose.
The source of vitamin C for the organism can become not only a lemon, but other citrus fruits, as well as cabbage, most fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, berries, gooseberries, currant, dog- rose and kiwi.
If vitamins from food is not enough, then you need to pay attention to synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements that can be purchased at any pharmacy.
What's bad for the tendons
Enrich your diet useful for the tendons products, we can not forget about the exclusion from the unwholesome food. So great damage to the connective tissue causes the use of foods containing different chemicals, especially preservatives. It is also dangerous to tendons carbonated drinks, especially sweet. It is important to understand that artificial dyes provokes leaching of valuable substances from the body, not allowing them to enter the connective tissue.
Bones and joints, and can suffer from eating candy, potato chips, crackers, chewing gum, a negative impact not only on the state of the digestive system, and the locking mechanism for the assimilation of important tendons batteries as phosphorus and calcium. If calcium and collagen-forming substance will not be sufficient to deal with food, the body is forced to automatically retrieve it from the bone and skeletal system, and hence will suffer and connective tissue.
What foods to eat for the health of tendons
To maintain their musculoskeletal system and secure for years to come the ability to move safely, you need to eat right. To do this you need to know what products are useful to our tendons.
Collagen is one of the most important building components for connective tissue found in the dishes prepared on the basis of gelatin, such as jelly, aspic or jelly. Thanks to our collagen tendons are flexible and can easily cope with any load.
The chicken egg contains not only very valuable lecithin, promotes a healthy nervous system, but no less valuable to the health of connective tissue vitamin D.
Rich in vitamin D and liver, it also contains valuable amino acids that are important for strengthening the tendon tissue.
The real leader in the number of essential amino acids and indispensable material for the construction of a beef tendon tissue.
No less valuable product is the fish, such as mackerel, which contains fats that help protect fiber tendons overload. If we exclude these foods from the diet, then gradually slow regeneration of connective tissue fibers and tendons can simply break.
We must pay tribute and dairy products, they are readily available source of calcium. Calcium is involved in the conduction of nerve impulses in the muscle-tendon complex.
About products containing Vitamin C has been mentioned. The importance of this vitamin in that it is a component of collagen.
Potassium ensuring correct operation of the musculoskeletal system, much in apricots and, of course, in dried apricots.
The Almonds contain easily digested form of vitamin E, allowing the tendon to recover quickly after an injury or strain.
Useful for the tendons and some spices, for example turmeric. In addition to antibiotics turmeric plant has vitamins B, iodine, phosphorus and iron, which is important for the quick recovery of the connective tissue.
Even some drinks contribute to the health of tendons. Such is green tea, which not only makes the tendon more resistant to stress, but also improves their ability to resist stretching.
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