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Hormone gymnastics by Tibetan monks

Features a healing method
Hormone gymnastics Tibetan monks - the key not only to preserve the physical and mental health, but also a method that allows a fairly short periods to get rid of all sorts of chronic ailments. Affecting the entire body, simple exercises lead to a state of balance needed to work all the energy centers. And the effect of the exercises will be felt in a few days from the start of implementation.
Hormone gymnastics by Tibetan monks

In addition to direct health and energy effects, hormonal Tibetan gymnastics allows thanks to one very simple in the exercise to "test" the state of their personal biofield. This will help to identify the presence of possible violations in the body, including those relating to the cardiovascular system. And in time to prevent the development of serious disease states.

Why hormonal gymnastics Tibetan monks is this name? Firstly, because the practice it many hundreds of years ago we started in Tibet and that the monks. Secondly, for the reason that the exercises aimed at the restoration of the entire endocrine system, hormonal background correction on. Stabilization of hormones leads to recovery. But such is not the only point which is influenced by this method.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: especially effects on human
It helps bring to normal the condition of the cardiovascular system, to stabilize the heart and blood vessels, eliminating the pressure drop. It recommended within the framework of diagnoses for hypertension and hypotension.
It improves functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Prevents constipation, helps the body excrete toxins accumulated inside the toxins.
Positive effect on the state of the eye: relieves eye pressure gradually restores vision, fights fatigue eye.
It stimulates the brain, particularly the pituitary gland.
It affects the proper movement of lymph in the body, its outflow.
Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for healing and longevity helps tighten the skin and make it more flexible, visually rejuvenate.
Beneficial to the hearing ear and eliminate the disease.
Helps to get rid of the pain in the joints of the feet, relieves swelling, and fatigue in the legs.
It stimulates the flow of life force, energy, vitality. Tibetan hormonal gymnastics in bed perfectly replace morning exercises, helping to wake up and to tune into the new day.
It clarifies the mind and the mind, improves memory and a positive effect on all mental mechanisms.
Favorably affects the mood stabilizes it, eliminating the abrupt changes.
It gives a chance to avoid the emergence and development of mental illness, permanently preserving the clarity of mind.
It stimulates the thyroid gland.
It strengthens the immune system.
Improves sleep, it helps to deal with the problems of sleep or insomnia.

Together with other practitioners of the art of the east, a similar sanative method allows to extend the life of 25-35 years, while forgetting about the trip to the doctor, disease states and acute exacerbation of chronic diseases.
Rules of the technique

This technique can be called universal. As part of her did not notice any contraindications associated with health or age of the person. Anyone can do the exercises with a desire and the opportunity for regular gymnastic procedures. But hormonal Tibetan gymnastics involves a number of mandatory rules that would achieve the stated objectives.
Hormone gymnastics by Tibetan monks

Mandatory rules of health-enhancing techniques
Making the first time all the small set of exercises, it must be done daily and constantly, without interruption. Only in this case the method would work.
This gym is very early in the morning, immediately after waking up. All exercises should be performed before 6 am. Tibetan monks believe that the only way you can tune in to the rhythm of the universe, "evoking" energy channels and normalizing the overall physical and mental condition.

A set of exercises done in the bed, if it is sufficiently rigid, or the floor, lay carpet, hard mattress.
Upon completion of all the exercises you need to drink 1-2 glasses of warm boiled water, to fully "wake up" the body and start the digestive system, further stimulating the stomach and intestines.
As in the other Eastern techniques, it is very important emotional. Exercises should not be attempted by force, in a bad mood and state of confidence to this method.
In addition to direct attitude is important surrounding silence that accompanies people during meditation. It is also important to pay attention to the breath, to be calm and measured, without strain.
In the process of working with the Tibetan hormonal technique first may arise in the painful parts of the body. They can worsen reminding me of themselves, perhaps remembered chronic, including previously hidden diseases. Typically, such an unpleasant effect takes place in 2-4 months, and the full result of the method of noticeable after about six months.

The biological clock of each person have their own particular operation. People who are prone to "owl" mode of life can be after the gymnastic procedures to try to sleep for some amount of time. The negative effect will not like and will not call performance art.
The complex palliative exercises

Miraculous gymnastics combines 13 simple exercises, made in a predetermined order. Each action is sent an activation operation of a power channel. Advancing along the body from the top down.
Hormone gymnastics by Tibetan monks

Nuance exercise: performing a particular action, you need to yourself to count. Each movement is done in 30 seconds. The impact should not be excessive.
All exercises do not take more than 5-10 minutes.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for healing and longevity: a complex sequence of exercises

The palms. Folding her hands together, they must be rubbed (30 seconds), feeling they are gradually heated. This is the first exercise allows you to perform simple diagnostics of the human biofield.

If the palms are fast becoming hot in the body very well. If they remain lukewarm or cool, the aura is broken and requires correction of the physical or mental level. If enough cold palms are wet, it is evidence of serious violations of the heart and blood vessels.
Eyes. Pounded palms pressed against his eyes closed. And slow rhythm pressing occurs once per second (30 times).

Correction after the completion of this stage should be left palm in front of another 1.5-2 minutes, not much pressing.
Ears. Plant your fingers back, put a clip, her hands over his ears. Take a series of compressions, as in the case with the eyes.

Do not massage the ears. When there is a pain, it is not necessary to stop the practice.
Face. Thumbs up to have the ears, squeeze. Clenched fist need to drive up and down, from the bottom of the chin to the cheeks and back, not too pressing, but good skin tightening. Number of implementation of the relevant rules of the stated method.

Doing so allows you to further saturate the skin of the face and neck with oxygen, increasing blood circulation, get rid of the double chin and tighten the skin, adding elasticity.
Forehead. Right hand almost touching the forehead from one temple, cover it with his left. Take a leisurely movement for 30 seconds from one temple to the other, barely touching the skin.

The brain (nape). Hands clasped over his head in the form of an arch. To make hand movements back and forth ("swing"), without touching the head.

The brain (nape), the second stage. Hands folded in the same way as before. But the motion is from side to side (like a pendulum).

Thyroid. The right hand is at the level of the thyroid gland, covered his left. Make smooth movement of the gland to the navel and back, without touching the body, for 30 seconds. After his hands gently lowered the body down.

Stomach. Without changing the position of the hands, barely touching the body, it is necessary to make the desired number of circular movements of the stomach, by stimulating the digestive tract.

Joints of the hands. Raise both hands up, do 30 of the rotational movement of the wrist. Then shake hands.

Leg joints. Raise your legs up, placing the foot parallel to the ceiling. 30 Make rotational movements ankle. After shake raised legs.

Final action. In the sitting position on the line is a soft foot massage (stroking, rubbing) for 30 seconds.

If you get found on the soles of sensitive points, favoring the pain, they should stimulate with particular zeal.
The final action. Pat the open palms on the soles of the feet to the knees, running her hands up and down for 30 seconds.
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