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» » Treatment of kidney millet

Treatment of kidney millet

Treatment of kidney millet

Traditional recipes treat kidney millet
Recipe 1. In inflammatory diseases

Millet - a folk remedy for treating kidney.
It takes one cup of millet. Grain must be carefully go through and rinse with cold water. Then pour in the millet jar (volume - 3 liters) and pour drinking water. Tightly close the jar, shake it for three minutes. The infusion will be fast - a white mass. That it should take. The dosage is not limited.
2. Recipe for removal of stones from the bladder

Millet in the amount of one cup bust, rinse with warm water, to shift into a three-liter jar. Then pour boiling water in a jar, cover to cover, it is advisable to wrap up. Insist day. Take the next day - only white slurry. Healing plenty to drink in any quantity, when it is finished, you can re-fill the millet with boiling water.
Recipe 3. Kidney cleansing

Fill the bottom of the dish with a thin layer of cereals and just add water. Millet cover with gauze and hold it under the grains until they hatch. As seem sprouts, wash millet, dry. From these seeds cook porridge exclusively on water, without adding sugar or salt. Please add the finished cereal cranberries.
This is a great recipe for the treatment of kidney disease and its prevention. An additional effect of the national means of a reduction in blood pressure.
Treatment of kidney millet
Recipe 4. cystitis

The washed wheat in the amount of two tablespoons of falling asleep in a saucepan. Fill it with cold water (2 cups). Cooking, still stirring, until boiling. After removing from heat, leave for a minute, then drain. Take broth, following the rules: the first day - one tablespoon at intervals of an hour; Day Two - three tablespoons of the same interval; the next five days - half cup before meal (the day - three times).
Recipe 5. If you have difficulty with urination

In a saucepan - half cup of millet per liter of water. Boil seven minutes. After insisting for two hours. Eat in any amount can be welded together with barley, like soup.
Additional benefits of millet
Millet is considered a useful source of vegetable fats, which helps the body to better absorb nutrients and also cleaned of toxins. Millet porridge without additives useful in diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract.

Treatment of kidney millet
Millet in the diet is necessary to maintain the aesthetic beauty - a healthy shine to the hair, the nails, the young state of the skin. In those little yellow grains of huge amounts of vitamins:
B2 - assistant in the fight against dandruff and acne;
PP - helps to preserve the health of the skin, mucous membranes;
B9 - provides normal fat and carbohydrate exchanges, improves blood flow;
B2 - strengthens the skeletal system;
B6 - supports the work of the heart muscle (upon entry into the reaction with calcium);
B1 - a positive effect on the psychological state.
Millet is considered a dietary cereal. 100 g - only 348 kcal. And porridge on the water and less. Lipotropics as part of millet to help the body does not store fat, and gradually withdraw its surplus.
"The golden grain will be the guest of honor on your desk, as well as drug available after prior approval of a physician."
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