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Hormones of joy

Hormones of joy
Work hormones - a very interesting thing. Their development may be triggered as a result of the critical state of the body or in the course of action that the person holds.
When you experience discomfort, severe pain, physical or mental, all the systems are immersed in a state of severe stress. Symptoms in this case expressed in a sharp decrease in mood, decrease efficiency, increased tendency to depression, aggression. In response, the brain signals are beginning to enter the critical state. This will start the process of production of hormones of joy. If not enough of them, already suffering health. No wonder they say that all diseases - from nerves. That lack of joy hormone stimulates the development of chronic and acute diseases. In particular, US scientists have found a direct link between stress and a strong regular gastrointestinal disease. First of all it indicates a lack of serotonin.
But the production of these substances can be triggered externally. When you adjust your diet in favor of specific products, exercise, walk more, try to have fun with the help of attractions, cinema, theater, books, chatting with friends, the organism positively reacts to it and helps the endocrine organs produce more hormones of joy than usual days. Of course, in order to maintain an optimal balance, care must be taken both by the presence in the diet are important for buoyancy products and the observance of a kind of schedule to get positive emotions.
Where containing hormones of joy
The first thing you need to pay attention, that the products themselves hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, dopamine or epinephrine, are not contained. Just their use contributes to the development of your body. Thus, by adjusting the power in favor of the use of these products, you increase your body's ability to deal with stress and depression, as well as seasonal illnesses and injuries.

Products that will be happier

1. Natural cheeses are soft and durum with a little salt. The optimum combination of protein and minerals is supported by the bone tissue and nerve cells. Ideal - mozzarella, Adygei, cheese. Even better if you cook the cheese at home on their own.
Hormones of joy
2. Marine fish and seafood. This is a very valuable product to maintain an optimal level of hormones of joy. It contains large amounts of magnesium, calcium and iodine. All this has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, from which it often depends on women's health, mood, emotional state, and stability, as well as the beauty and form.
3. avocado, persimmon, banana - contain useful potassium, magnesium, and omega-three fats are responsible for the central nervous system, its functionality and flexibility, i.e. resistance to stress.
4. Dried fruits - apricots, dates, figs! Required for a sweet tooth! To maintain the amount of pleasure hormones can be used and bitter chocolate, but these products more useful, both in terms of mood, and from the point of view of women's health.
5. Crops. Sprouts sprouted wheat, cereal grains, whole grain breads and cereals have to be in the diet. If you are on a diet and fear have these starch products, use them at least once or twice a week, although wheat germ, you can use without fear.
6. Cedar, walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds usual, flax and pumpkin - a rich source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, providing continuous feedback from nerve endings to external influences.
7. pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, apricots, mangoes - a rich source of beta-carotene.

But in addition to the right products, do not forget about your lifestyle. How many positive emotions should be those who are prone to depression and negative thoughts. Even if you do not want to have fun, get yourself distracted, go somewhere with friends, attend the premiere of the play or movie, stroll through the exhibition. In the end, just leave the house and walk around an unfamiliar route to activate brain hemisphere and make hormones joy to work more efficiently. Sometimes, to get out of the stagnation of the hormonal environment helps change the color - bright spots, designer clothes, decor, easy-seed unusual paintings.
And, of course, sports - it is one of the main sources of positive emotions. With the involvement of muscle strength, the body is forced to increase the production of hormones of joy, so the exercise really can help in the fight with a bad mood.
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