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» » Natural antibiotics. Can they replace the synthetic?

Natural antibiotics. Can they replace the synthetic?

The harmful antibiotics?
Antibiotics are synthetic substances that kill bacteria, either. But our body is not as simple as it seems. We are certain bacteria that cause harm, and no other can not live. More about the beneficial bacteria, read the material on probiotics and prebiotics.

The main disadvantage of synthetic antibiotics is that they kill all living things indiscriminately, but few know that the bacteria in our intestines, produced many of the B vitamins and other necessary materials. They provide the absorption of minerals and nutrienov.

Thus, long-term use of antibiotics can bring not only to the notorious goiter, but also to the depletion of the body and to a shortage of many vital nutrients.

However, in the listing of side effects, antibiotics are not needed, just read the prospectus. List each - a long and terrible. It seems everything is, and diarrhea, and nausea and vomiting, and skin rashes.

Some of the most common side effects of antibiotics:

Allergic reactions such as sneezing, rhinitis;
Dysbacteriosis and with it the diarrhea;
Vaginal candidiasis (also a form of dysbiosis);
Itching and redness of the skin;
Weakness and drowsiness.
In spite of everything, synthetic antibiotics, it is a necessary evil. So far, this is our best chance to win many pathogenic bacteria. The only rule that we often neglect, and a measure of caution. Their relative accessibility has meant that almost every bit that runs to the pharmacy for medicine without consulting a doctor. The problem is that bacteria can get used to them and develop immunity.

When can replace synthetic antibiotics, natural
You can use natural antibiotics when there is:

Nasal congestion;
A sore throat;
Natural antibiotics. Can they replace the synthetic?

Replace synthetic natural antibiotics, can and should, to the extent possible. Firstly, you should always take care of immunity, because a strong immune system can deal with almost any infection, it is surprisingly efficient machine for search and destroy enemies.

Every day, our immune system detects and destroys harmful bacteria and thousands of cells, which lead to the development of cancerous tumors. So remember that the immune system is everything, and cancer, too, he protects us.

Therefore, the first thing is to think, when a small infection, is how to improve the immune system. For example, I rarely get sick in the winter of SARS, I know that I have a good immune system, and always try to maintain it. A strong immune system immediately kills the bacteria that come to us in different ways and does not allow them to proliferate.

List of the best natural antibiotics
Garlic contains a specific substance called allicin, which is responsible not only for its anti-bacterial properties, but also for the unique smell and flavor. Antibacterial properties of garlic are often examined. In particular, it turned out that he really is able to destroy some pathogenic bacteria. When it comes to the necessary dose to obtain the full effect of the antibiotic, there is no complete clarity. However, scientists from the University of Maryland recommends daily consume 2-4 cloves of garlic. Garlic is effective against some types of parasites against fungi such as Candida and other microbes.

Onion has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, fights viruses. It is useful for the treatment of the common cold, boils, fungus, helps get rid of worms. Luke fills the body with energy, gives strength and fotontsidy that it contained in a large number of damaging effects on different bacteria. A small piece of onion will kill all the bacteria in the mouth for several minutes.

Natural antibiotics. Can they replace the synthetic?

The antimicrobial properties of honey used in the treatment of festering wounds, trophic ulcers, burn injuries, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, eyes, urogenital system and others. Thanks to these properties, honey can also be used as a preservative: It is well kept berries, fruits, butter, meat, liver, fish, eggs, all other bee products.

Another waste product of bees - propolis. The strong natural antibiotic, which has powerful antiseptic properties - kills viruses, bacteria, fungi. In folk medicine, propolis is used to treat mouth, gums, teeth; gastric mucosal injury; treatment of sinusitis, otitis, treatment of wounds, burns, frostbite.

Tea tree oil
The power of this essential oil Few realize, but in my house, it's always there. Using tea tree oil, I saved her husband's shoes from a fungus to cure a wart. Itself did not believe that will get rid of warts on the long finger, but after 7-8 days of daily use of this oil, it is completely dry. In addition, it can be used to carry out anti-bacterial cleaning the house without a drop of chemistry, which is especially important for those who have small children. Tea tree oil should not be used inside.

Oil of Oregano
Oregano oil helps to combat various viral infections, colds, smallpox, measles. It promotes the production of white blood cells that protect the body from the negative impact. Effectively bacterial infections of the urinary tract and colon, while not destroying the beneficial bacteria.

Natural antibiotics. Can they replace the synthetic?

This widespread herb, which is used as an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Preparations based on calendula can be used externally and internally.

Due to the content of gingerol, ginger has strongly expressed antibacterial effect, so useful for gastritis (gastritis is often caused by microbes is), stomatitis, colds, clears the respiratory sinus. Ginger tea can just freshen breath, as it kills the bacteria in the mouth, due to which and there is an unpleasant smell.

Like onions and garlic, horseradish contained in many volatile production, substances that can destroy some types of bacteria. For the treatment of colds and flu, inhale grated horseradish. This contributes to the destruction of germs that cause inflammation of the airways.

Natural antibiotics are undoubtedly good, but when the body is faced with a serious infection, none of these funds will not help, so you should always sober talk and consult with your doctor before you entrust your life "nature", because it is through medical life expectancy of today's man It is considerably longer than 100 or 200 years ago. It's about what you need to keep a balance and not to rush into extremes. And synthetic and natural antibiotics - a part of our lives and the need to take these funds as they are, considering all the pros and cons.
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