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» » Pecan - benefits and harms

Pecan - benefits and harms

Pecan - benefits and harms

These fruits is quite possible to change your eating habits without feeling the need for any kind of food was more than the Indians, and were engaged in a difficult time when it was difficult to hunt.

But our task is to determine both the positive and negative aspects of the influence of pecan on the human body. Moreover, this body belongs to the modern man with all the environmental and other technological factors influence.

Useful properties of pecans
Outwardly resembles pecan hazelnut, which grows in abundance in our latitudes.

But if the inside of hazelnut longer resemble sunflower seeds, pecans, then, at the opening of the shell, just like a walnut, because very similar to the appearance of the human brain.

Nut Fat contributes to the fact that it should eat immediately after cleaning or storing in a crude form. In the second case, savings of time can be up to six months or even more. If you ignore this rule, it will be a very bitter taste.

In cooking, use pecans for baking cakes and other confectionery products, and even as part of the side dishes.

By the way, the pecan is a symbol of the State of Texas that clearly says about the prevalence of this product in the southern part of the North American continent.

If used for cooking oil kernels, the taste is very will remind olive. That is, the nutritional properties and pecans are very useful.
Speaking about the vitamin and qualitative composition of pecan, be sure to remember the abundance of vitamins A, C and E in this product.

Such substances as retinol, thiamine, choline, folacin, and many others are an integral part of the nuts come from the United States.

Among the chemical elements in many pecans zinc, selenium, manganese and iron. Speaking of macronutrients, then you should definitely think about phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, which are also available here.

Among the family pecan nut is the most fat-containing. It helps with spring beriberi, and fatigue, which is a very common disease of the human body just after the "hibernation".

If you have stomach problems and irregular stool, you should know what type of nut is a source of tannic acid.

Pecan - benefits and harms

In addition, this product is high quality fights free radicals, which are the main cause of aging.

If pecan use in small amounts, it is possible to reduce cholesterol. This will prevent the development of many diseases, including atherosclerosis, which becomes relevant for all people "aged".

For the treatment of cancers use pecans is also important - it may even be the solution to many of today's problems of oncology. It is only this product has the ability to separate the healthy cells from the patients, which is important when surgical removal of tumors.

Oil from pecan is a very useful product, not only in cooking. If it is used in pure form, it has a fair energy potential. This will also prevent inflammation in the arteries, which is now becoming more common.

At home, pecan oil is often used to eliminate the itching of the skin, sunburn treatment, eliminate the effects of insect bites and removal of hematoma.

Pecan tree oil also eliminates the fungus, which is important in cosmetology.

If you use butter pecan in the food, you can boost your immune system and protect cells from carcinogens.
Due to the large amount of carotene, oil helps to restore and improve vision.

Harm pecan

Now it's time to talk about the dangers that brings pecans for the body, because it is difficult to do without the negative. First of all, suffer from this product are people with individual intolerance to it. It is also not advisable to eat it for people with an allergy to nuts.

In a fair amount, and with regular use, pecans can become a major factor of completeness, because it is very rich in fat.

If you eat more than a hundred grams a day, you can get sick stomach flu and have no tannic acid does not help stabilize the situation.

What you need to eat pecan immediately after removal of the shell, can also cause inconvenience.

Yet, as can be seen, the negative factors are much less important - know when to stop and not to abuse the product. Then pecans will bring you only good!
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