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Benefits of Omega 3,6,9

Fats - what is good and what is the difference?

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates - from school we are taught that all these substances are essential for our health, all of which is the human body. But then, in the case included advertising, television programs and newspaper articles about a healthy lifestyle, which claim that there is no greater evil in the world than the fat-containing products. So what is the use of fat and whether it is at all?

Fat - is the main source of energy, without them we will not be able to run, jump, make a romantic walk and make brilliant discoveries. Body fat in the body surrounds all organs and tissues, protects them from shocks and other mechanical effects. Once these substances protect the body from hypothermia and keep warm inside. And in a country where almost half the winter, this quality - its weight in gold.

In nature, there are more than 200 medicinal acids in the human body - about 70, but for the life of them needed only about 20. All of these wonderful elements are divided into saturated (meat, palm, coconut and others.) And unsaturated (in cereals, nuts and fish). The latter, in turn, - by monounsaturated (omega 9) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (3 and 6).

Acid number 3

The composition of this material is easy to remember only the chemists and doctors - eicosapentaenoic, docosahexaenoic, and alpha-linolenic acid, the most valuable of them - the last one. Alpha-linolenic connection - the constant and faithful companion of beautiful and healthy: it regulates metabolism, helps to lose weight and maintain the desired weight, relieves food allergies.

But the uniqueness of the fat-containing medicine for our body is not limited. It:

It thins the blood and dissolves small cholesterol plaques;
It provides strong nails, beautiful skin and shiny hair;
heals wounds, not only external, but also internal, gastritis and ulcers;
It keeps a clear mind and protects against Alzheimer's disease;
It is struggling with chronic fatigue and helps to cope with daily stress;
It enhances immunity and minimizes such ailments as nervous dermatitis and psoriasis;
helps absorb calcium, activates the vitamin C, D, A and B.
Omega 3 for pregnant women - a guarantee that the baby will be born Kripen'ka and smart, these substances are responsible for logical thinking and intelligence of the future genius.

Controversial figure 6

Rare useful element is so much speculation and controversy as the suffering of omega 6 (consisting of linoleic, arachidonic and gamma-linolenic components). The importance of it is already said that a full-fledged diet healthy person should contain it in 3-5 times more than the previous one, alpha-linoleic, sorceress.

The unique "product" is responsible for a variety of processes in our body with you:
Benefits of Omega 3,6,9

It is struggling with the seasonal blues and strengthens the nerves;
It helps soothe unreasonable tears and whims for PMS;
gives beautiful nails, elastic curls and velvety skin;
prevents diabetes;
dissolve cholesterol plaques and displays the bad cholesterol from the body.
However, there is one small but crucial detail: that the fat-containing element has brought only benefits need to comply with the dosage. It shows where the "medicine" at No. 6? In sunflower and corn, butter, sunflower seeds, fat - the foods we used to eat all the time.

For example, in the US, where fast food, french fries and fried delicacies - almost ethnic cuisine, diagnose all the side effects of an overdose - obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular ailments and cancer deaths.

Lucky Number 9

Oleic acid - under this name lies a gentle beneficial omega 9. Like other fatty compounds, it provides a protective forces of the body, helps to keep blood vessels clean and bright mind, radiant skin and lustrous hair, an excellent performance and a positive attitude.

This substance - a key ally in the fight with cancer, especially breast cancer. It helps to block harmful cells and prevents the appearance of tumors.

Compensate for a lack of fat in the body is very simple - to help unrefined oil fragrant and tasty nuts. But the deficit affects immediately: weakness, fatigue, poor memory, constipation, dry skin and mucous membranes, a layer of nails, endless cold - all these are typical symptoms of lack of oleic medication.

How useful for children?

Chronic vitamin deficiency among children - an acute problem, pediatricians and nutritionists have long about this firm. Signs of rickets in children appear in the first months, the deficit askorbinki diagnosed even in the vitamin summer-autumn season and the shortage of valuable fatty components has already become familiar.

At what age are needed omega 3 for children? Doctors recommend to include in the menu of butter healing from three years. They provide a full growth of the baby, healthy bones and teeth, are responsible for attention, the development of new skills, tenacious memory, reduce the risk of food allergies. In the school to deal with a huge training load and mitigate the increased excitability also help these acids.

The main foods rich in medicinal compounds - is fish oil, scented oils, nuts, spinach and broccoli. But it's hard to find a child who would love to varnish all these useful things. So perfect - fish oil capsules. They are absolutely tasteless and needed every inquisitive student.

In what products to find?

The main source of therapeutic compounds of oil - it is familiar and loved all the dishes that are available for each table.

Foods containing omega-3 - is oily sea fish (herring, trout, halibut, salmon, mackerel), unrefined vegetable oils, walnuts and almond nuts, fresh eggs, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, wheat germ.

Another tasty and budget option - flax seeds. They are sold in any drugstore and supermarket, there are no more than 100-150 rubles, and the dish is - universal. You can sprinkle flax morning porridge and sandwiches, decorate cookies and cupcakes, in salads ...

Which products contain acid 6? This sunflower, soybean, corn and other oils (only unrefined!), Raw pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, pine nuts, bacon, eggs, etc. Oleic medicine contained in sunflower and olive oil, lard, cheese, tofu, cod and nuts.
Benefits of Omega 3,6,9

How to take?

No matter whether you are drinking special preparations or have decided to make up for the vitamin-acid deficiency by a healthy menu, the main thing - it is the right balance. The ideal ratio of alpha - and gamma-linoleic connections - it is 5: 1, for sick people - 2: 1. But today this proportion in the diet of the ordinary citizen - 10: 1, and sometimes 2-3 times higher!

Adjust the menu is quite simple: a smaller roast, lots of fish and oil in salads, as well as taking vitamins and supplements with oils? Today, there are special complexes and dietary supplements, which contains all the medicinal compounds in a perfect ratio. Dosage their standard kapsulki 2 per day. And do not forget that there are contra-indications: individual intolerance, acute intestinal infections, bleeding disorders need to consult a doctor.

And another little secret: all the "Acid" fat-containing medications enhance absorption of vitamins, so better to take both products with vitamin D, B, A and C. Moreover, many of these vkusnyashek - real natural multivitamin: oily fish, milk, cheese, fresh eggs.

Omega 3, 6, 9 - for what is useful is a unique relationship, it is important to know everyone. Healing fatty acids - a real elixir of youth, and yet they are incredibly delicious. Well, who refuses vegetable salad with zapashistym linseed oil and a piece of baked fish?
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