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Sore joints of the hands and feet than cure?To date, the disease sustavov- something common and widespread, have problems a lot of people. Articular tissues react to any negative impact on them is assigned a great physical work. With age, the joints are irreversible changes that are popularly referred to as "the deposition of salts." Sore joints of the hands and feet than to treat, how to help themselves? This question is of interest to many patients.
Proper breakfast

What should be the right breakfast? What foods are good to eat for breakfast? Reasons why you can not skip breakfast.

"It is necessary to have breakfast like a king, lunch - like a prince and dinner - like a beggar." Very precise and proper sentence. The value morning meal for our health can not be overestimated. From what we eat for breakfast, to a large extent it depends on our well-being and performance throughout the day.

In this article, we'll show you how to be a proper breakfast, which is helpful to eat foods during the morning meal, and why you can not skip breakfast. With the answer to the last question, and we will begin.
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What's missing from the body if you want to: salty, sweet, sour

What's missing body? Why do I want to salty, sweet, sour?

What if suddenly wanted to fish or lemon or something else that you eat very often, and can not be called a favorite product?

The answer is simple - do not hammer their desire, eat what you want - the body will still keep on reminding you about it until you get what you want. And then consult a physician to understand - why change your taste preferences. Often, because the body gives us a signal that there have been some physiological changes, and they can not always be positive. Unusual taste desires physicians consider signs of emerging diseases as the body lets us know what he was missing.
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Treatment of worms folk remediesAt the mention of intestinal parasites, many are beginning embarrassed laugh and divert the conversation away. This disease has long been considered something shameful and stay away as a child - supposedly to pick up over the years, the risks of worms somewhere evaporate.

Statistics, however, is relentless: every year in Russia infected with disease about 1.5 million people, and almost 20% of them - adults. Do not panic - pharmaceutical medicines and folk remedies for worms in adults work miracles, the main thing - to know all the rules and details of such a home therapy.
What kind of folk remedies treatment detrimental to Helicobacter pylori?10 years ago the world was agog new discovery: it turns out, ulcers, gastritis, colitis and other gastrointestinal ailments - typical infectious diseases. And the cause of all these problems - the insidious bacteria helicobacter pylori.

Today, when anti-gastritis and ulcers necessarily require treatment Helicobacter pylori - folk remedies, antibiotics, and no special diet is necessary. But what about the right to treat a new infection "grandmother" methods?
Ginkgo biloba: UTILITY PROPERTIES AND USESIn the era of information boom application of ginkgo biloba has never needed, because this plant - the perfect food for the brain. But this is not all that well this plant. But let's order everything.

Pedigree living fossil

Not so many plants and animals can be called living fossils. Hard to believe, but the Ginkgo biloba - a plant that probably ate dinosaurs in the Mesozoic era, and its seeds were transferred over long distances most ancient bird, yet more like dinosaurs. It was a time when the reigning gymnosperms, but all the plants of that era have long become history, and ginkgo biloba survived and Jurassic and Cretaceous, ie, in its original form, there are two hundred million years. Prints its leaves are all the rocks of the time, by the way. Ginkgo belongs to the family of gymnosperms, more precisely, to the seed ferns, which became extinct in the Jurassic and Carbon.

What is surprising is that, unlike other gymnosperms of today, it has leaves. Such is the survivor with a rich history and incredible power: glacial periods, droughts, change continents, abrupt climate change, disasters, nuclear explosions and Chernobyl ... all go, and ginkgo biloba (as it is called in Russian) lives. By the way, it is considered the birthplace of China, but most of all appreciated the Japanese tree and they are - experts on healthy living.
Benefits and harms of SEA SALTMore than 4 thousand years people from evaporated sea salt to flavor, canned food. Since the time of Hippocrates, commonly known health properties of ocean water.

Informed mistress of the world replace the kitchen table salt to sea. She is credited with miraculous properties in cleansing the skin, rejuvenate the body, getting rid of ailments. Science has proven the benefits and effectiveness of salt wraps, baths, peeling agents.

What is where sea salt is used, the benefits and harms of white crystals - the theme of our story.
Alzheimer's disease: Where does MEMORY?Alzheimer's disease - causes and treatment are under the scrutiny of scientists for decades. Disease affects nerve cells (neurons) that part of the brain that is responsible for the processing of cognitive information.

What are the reasons for the "epidemic of the XXI century", whether it is amenable to treatment? These issues are devoted to our
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Memory loss in elderly: Causes and TreatmentMemory loss in older people: how to treat that take in the developed symptoms - the subject of our next article about the health of the people who turned "autumn" threshold.

Reduced critical mental functions - it is a real tragedy for the person leading to the destruction of personality, poor quality of life, disruption of social ties.

Age and forgetfulness

Bad, "leaky" memory is quite common among middle-aged people. Senile diseases occupy the first position among the burning issues of the nation's health in any country. And the most insulting, that they fall down on the person in the "golden" period - the freedom to work, the opportunity to relax, travel, communicate with nature. Even schoolchildren know if grandparents is a loss of memory, the name of the disease. Of course, we are talking about amnesia.

Medicine has long found that emotional distress (and joyful and painful), exciting events are remembered better than a routine event. Senile amnesia - loss of cognitive ability to hold (retain) the knowledge or recreate previously accumulated material - affects more than 15% of the people who turned seventy abroad.

Age forgetfulness associated with the accumulation of "bad" cholesterol in the blood vessels stenochku our "control center" - the brain, disrupting the processes that take place directly in the brain tissue. Many people have noticed that it is often older people having fun and minute details can talk about interesting events of his childhood and totally forget what they did recently.
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