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Proper breakfast

4 reasons why you can not skip breakfast
Proper breakfast

1. Good performance
After sleeping body needs replenishing energy. Proper balanced breakfast helps "make" digestion, restores blood sugar, gives a feeling of satiety for hours. A full morning meal is important for people engaged in intellectual work. It strengthens the memory, increases attention - both adults and children helps to tune in to a productive day. It is proved that people who eat breakfast every day, a hardy both physically and mentally, and thus get more pleasure from their studies and work.

2. Slim figure
If you do not eat in the morning, then agonizing hunger, which will torment you closer to the dinner, can cause overeating in the afternoon. In this condition a person eats what came his way, without thinking about the size of servings, or about the dangers of used products. American study, people who constantly skip breakfast, eat more during the day, and the probability of obesity have increased 4.5 times. Also during the research it was found that breakfast improves metabolism, accelerates the burning of calories, has a positive effect on hormones.

3. Good mood
Disclaimer breakfast can cause distractions, lethargy, irritability, because the body, especially in the first half of the day, needs not only calories, but also in materials, uplifting, so called happiness hormones or endorphins. Therefore, the products in the use of which they are produced in the body, it is a must to eat for breakfast. It strawberries, grapes, bananas, oranges, avocado, mustard, chili, chocolate, cooked in milk chocolate. Beautifully presented, tasty and delicious breakfast - a guarantee of good mood throughout the day.

4. Strong immunity
Breakfast, consisting of foods rich in iron, calcium, ascorbic acid and B vitamins help strengthen the immune system, reduces the risk of colds, it supports the nervous system, is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Studies in the UK studies have shown that people who are constantly skipping the morning meal, are more susceptible to various viruses. It turns out that the daily balanced breakfast - one of the most important steps to health and longevity.

What should be the right breakfast?
Proper breakfast

Breakfast should be both easy, and nutritious, consisting of healthy foods that promote health, improve your mood, helps to cheer up, charge the body with energy for hours. A healthy balanced breakfast should consist of slow carbohydrates with high fiber foods (cereals, pasta from durum wheat, fresh vegetables, fruit and vegetables), protein (low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, low-fat fish) and good fats (nuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil ). Simple carbs (muffins, white bread, sugar) in the morning menu should be as small as possible. These rules are relevant for all age groups.

The proper time for breakfast
The best time for breakfast - half an hour after waking. Very useful habit - start your morning with a cup of warm water. Liquid, drunk on an empty stomach, helps the body eliminate toxins, activates the vital processes, digestion starts.

If there is no appetite in the morning, buy a bowl painted with bright colors - proper utensils promotes appetite and improves the mood. Teach yourself to breakfast each morning at the same time, then your stomach after 2-3 weeks will be reminded of the food clearly than any clock.

After 2-3 hours after breakfast, especially if it was easy, you can eat an apple, banana, nuts (raw and unsalted) or drink a glass of yogurt.

Good to eat for breakfast
Proper breakfast

1. Fresh berries
Any forest and garden berries - it is both useful and tasty. All of them, and strawberries, and cherries, and raspberries, and grapes, blueberries and blackberries are full of natural stimulants. Fresh berries can be cooked a variety of desserts, eat them with cream cheese, add cooked at home yogurt.

2. Citrus fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, tangerines - a godsend for those who are constantly on the go asleep. The juice of these fruits rich in vitamin C - a wonderful natural stimulant. In addition, the smell of lemon, lime, orange, causes the brain to work more actively. In winter, a very relevant natural juices from citrus fruits.

3. Chocolate
Dark chocolate (if it is a natural, high-quality, without harmful additives) stimulates the production of hormones joy - endorphins. A small piece of this delicacy a day is enough to activate the mental activity and recharge your good mood.

4. Fish and Poultry

Many people think that eating poultry or fish in the morning is not necessary, but it is not. A piece of lean meat for breakfast - is a source of protein, which are processed slowly. The energy thus released slowly, grabs her for a long time, so there is no permanent human desire to "snack."

5. Nuts
Walnuts, almonds, pine, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts - any nuts very useful and nutritious. They are like batteries for our body. The main thing is to eat nuts without salt, raw, and even better - soaked, only in this way they are really helpful.

6. Apples, bananas, apricots, persimmons
All these fruits are sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pectins and easily digestible natural sugars. You can cook in the morning with fruit salad, for example, mix chopped into pieces of apples, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, grapes and season it all natural yogurt.

7. Kashi
Grains are a source of minerals, fiber, slow carbohydrates and other substances that control the absorption of fat, helps clean the intestines of toxins, for hours give a feeling of satiety. Ideal for breakfast, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge.

8. Milk products

It is best suited for breakfast cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, hard cheese and homemade yogurt - easily digestible sources of protein and calcium. The main thing that dairy products are natural and fresh, then the benefits are to be maximized.

9. Eggs
It is an ideal food for breakfast, especially if they are properly prepared - yolk should remain half-baked. It is better to eat eggs, cooked boiled or baked in the oven until soft. Delicious and hearty breakfast - scrambled eggs with cheese.

10. Fresh vegetables
They are a perfect complement to meat, fish and dairy breakfast. Enzymes, which is rich in plant foods helps to digest protein products faster. From fresh herbs and vegetables can be prepared salads, add them to the omelettes and porridge.

11. Homemade pastries
These include black bread with bran, whole wheat biscuits (with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, nuts), cheese cakes, pancakes, buckwheat pancakes. Serve these goodies you can jam, honey, natural peanut butter - this breakfast will appreciate the children.

12. Smoothies
On hot summer days is useful for breakfast smoothies and freshly squeezed Frechet - thick berry, vegetable and fruit cocktails with the addition of herbs, spices, honey, various syrups, nuts and dairy products. These drinks and desserts, as opposed to the store, no preservatives and dyes, and beneficial vitamins and minerals - more than enough.
Proper breakfast

We hope that our article will help you realize the importance of breakfast - and for health and for the figure, and for the mood. Start your day of healthy foods - fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, yogurt, cottage cheese. Prepare delicious salads, porridge, desserts for breakfast, and then without it you can not do without. Eat in the morning to your favorite dishes and be healthy!
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