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» » Benefits and harms of SEA SALT

Benefits and harms of SEA SALT

Appearance, taste

Ocean salt - white powder or crystals or grayish color. The second form is preferable: there are more minerals. The taste seasoning salt a little softer, with a bitter tinge. Science: crystals in contact with water the reaction takes place, stands a pleasant aroma. Flavor enhancers do not harm the sun, moisture, exposure to air; iodine from natural compounds do not evaporate. The product is stored indefinitely.

Storehouse of minerals

The composition of sea salt radically different from the table. In the latter no relevant person potassium, iodine, and other elements. Those that were destroyed during digestion. Oceanic crystals obtained gentle way: water is evaporated in the sun, minerals remain in the natural compounds.

English chemist Dietmar in 1884 proved that in the waters of all the seas minerals are approximately the same ratio. It persists in the salt. Chloride - 55% of sodium ions - 30% sulphate - 7%. The remainder of the - compounds of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other minerals, of which there are 80.

For the human body to function fully, it required more than 600 nutrients. Some need to microdozes, but without removing important functions. Bromine - a balm for the nerves. Iodine is needed endocrine system. Manganese - a cure for immunity. Iron is required for hematopoiesis.

Curative effects

The crystals from the ocean is useful to add in food and applied externally. They help provide a sodium-potassium balance in the body, which is important for the prevention of hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Food sea salt removes spasm of capillaries, prevents the formation of blood clots. When added to food useful crystals strengthen the immune system, put in order the thyroid gland and the entire endocrine system, the digestive organs.

Saline absorbs harmful substances from the tissues and vice versa, the body supplies minerals. This surprising effect is used during the war for a few days, the wound from festering fighters cleaned, healed. If you dampen the cloth in the solution and wipe the place of cuts, abrasions, insect bites, wounds quickly tightened.

To win periodontal disease, inflammation, stomatitis; strengthen the teeth, gums, it is helpful to rinse your mouth warm water, adding a spoonful of powder sea. Due to calcium, bromine, iodine preserved tooth enamel, they are a bit bleached away plaque. The solution is better than drugs relieve a sore throat.

Recovery is gaining popularity in the salt caves. Experience folk healers stores numerous recipes inhalations, gargles, compresses, baths. The spas use the healing wraps. Particularly useful salts of the Dead Sea. Paradoxically, they - invigorating cocktail for the musculoskeletal system.

Cellulite and metabolic stress and fatigue, arthritis and breast, cough and dehydration ... Coping with these challenges will help ordinary sea salt, benefits and harms that are incomparable!

Observe moderation

You should not abuse the oceanic salt. Otherwise, because of the high content of sodium chloride, you can zoom in hypertension, heart failure and even stroke. Excessive doses of salt dangerous edema, poisoning, blurred vision, paralysis of the nervous system.

One teaspoon of seasoning in the day - up to 15 grams - the rate of an adult. It increases to 25 g in the heat and physical exertion. Particular caution is required in patients with renal failure, gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension. What can replace the salt? Herbs, vegetables, fruits, sauces, mustard.
Benefits and harms of SEA SALT

Health baths

In salt water bathed with milk for youthful skin Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Salt bath to cleanse pores, makes skin velvety and elastic body. Abate irritation of the skin, pimples disappear on the back. To calm the itching on the body of the child, prepare a bath of 10 liters of water with 200 grams of salt.

Worried about how to remove cellulite, lose weight? Treatments help postroynet. Slimming bath with 1.5 kg of sea salt is recommended every other day for 1-2 months. Remedy to calm nerves, relieve muscle tension. A relaxed body is then immersed in a deep sound sleep, so swim better at night.

Prepare the water comfortable temperature around 37. To prevent the initial amount - 100 g of salt per bath - gradually increased to 300 g, for therapeutic purposes - up to 0.8-1 kg. Cloth bag with crystals substitute under a stream of water or pour it directly into the container. With 5 minutes of treatment time is increased to 20-30 minutes.

Sea salt bath comes with vitamins, supplements, herbs, citrus, pine needles, with the effect of rising bubbles. Can pokapat into solution of essential oils. Pleasant procedure will remove swelling down, bring the excess salt from the body, increase efficiency, improve well-being.

Nasal lavage

How to get rid of a cold? The proven way - to wash with a solution of marine nose powder. In a glass of heated water mix sea salt: adult dose - 1 tablespoon, children - ? tsp. The solution is poured into a bowl and let sniffing the contents into the sink. The pharmacy sells a convenient device for nasal lavage.

Before you wash your nose with sea salt in the solution for a child, you can add 3 drops of iodine. When a bad cold for effect the cleaning procedure is performed repeatedly.

Application in cosmetology

White crystals - cheap and effective cosmetic. It is indispensable for the recovery of oily, problem skin. Masks, scrubs with oceanic salt reduces sebaceous discharge, remove dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, dried skin. Marine powder will make the face smooth and clean; forget about the pimples, acne; improve the color, giving the cheeks freshness.

The masks, creams, tonics for the face is added salt, which improves nutrition, skin regeneration; launches a process of purification, cell renewal. The weak solution is recommended to wash, then to soften the skin with olive oil. From pollution, clean the face makeup homemade lotion out of the water, cream, baby soap and oceanic powder.

Owners of dry skin should use salt masks carefully, make them fat ingredient (cream, butter), so as not to dehydrate the surface of the epidermis. These masks are not applied to the area of ??sensitive skin around the eyes.
Benefits and harms of SEA SALT

Revitalizes hair

Sol Ocean is able to return the life dull, thin, brittle hair. Salt masks, scrubs cleaned of excess fat and minerals saturate the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles, reduce hair loss. Increases blood flow to the skin, strengthens hair roots. Natural remedy for hair stimulates the growth of hair, making her lush, brilliant, beautiful. Masks should prepare regularly, 4-8 times a month.

Return healthy nails

Healthy nails are different pinkish tinge, shiny and smooth surface. Nail plate exfoliate due to a lack of minerals, protein; become weak and thin sanding, use synthetic cosmetics.

Pale, brittle, exfoliating nails can be strengthened baths with sea salt. Manicure practice procedure "sealing" - applying the plate preparations with vitamins, minerals. Home treatments can be regarded as an analogue of the pan polish.

Usually, half-liter of warm water take 1-2 tablespoons marine crystals fingers dipped for 15 minutes. Procedures are carried out every other day for a month.

Sea salt, benefits and harms that are incommensurable - a natural healer, capable of replacing expensive cosmetics and medicines. It is a versatile assistant that keeps youth and health!
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