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» » What's missing from the body if you want to: salty, sweet, sour

What's missing from the body if you want to: salty, sweet, sour

What's missing body? What is he trying to tell us?

If you want: sweet

Possible causes: usually additional portions of glucose required for mental and nervous exhaustion. Another reason - strict diet and mono-diet with a limited set of products. In the case of diets easier to understand - the body simply missed varied diet.

Tip: if you pull for dessert, do not get carried away with scones and cakes. It is better to eat dark chocolate - it is also useful, and a little cheer, and sugar cravings interrupt. Be sure to review the timetable and try to avoid stressful situations.

If you want: fish, seafood

Possible cause: The first is the lack of iodine.

Tip: want to fish - eat fish, but not fried, and better prepare for a couple, or in the oven. I would like seafood - also eat fish, mussels and shrimp often cause allergies. Why do you need to add more problems?

If you want: dairy products

Possible cause: if suddenly pulls on dairy products - is not important, it is the milk or yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk - a sure sign of incipient problems with the gastrointestinal tract. To this can be added another depression and sleep disorders.

Tip: If you feel that the stomach is not okay - see a doctor immediately. When gastritis with high and low acidity of the diet is different, and gastric ulcers often require a light diet. Try to choose dairy products with low-fat, well-boiled soft porridge, cottage cheese should be fresh and not sour.

If you want to: sour

Possible causes: starts cold, flu-like condition in which the need for vitamin C increases sharply. On acid can drag and gastritis with low acidity.

Tip: acidic want - eat, but on an empty stomach can not eat sour - it will negatively affect the state of the gastric mucosa.

If you want to: salty, spicy or bitter food

Possible causes: often these desires arise in rapid metabolism when increased physical activity. But this is not always the only reason. On salty, bitter, or very spicy can pull when hyperthyroidism during pregnancy. Actively salt excreted from the body in diseases of the genitourinary system - while also marked fondness for salty foods. If you pull on the sharp little - a sign of a lazy stomach that slowly digests the food and burning spices are needed to stimulate the digestive process. When drawn to bitter - it is a symptom of intoxication (poisoning).

Tip: intoxication only bitter food will not save, be sure to drink plenty of fluids. If you pull on the salt - it does not eat uncontrollably all that body requires. A large amount of salt retains fluid in the body, there may be swelling and increase pressure. Try to fool the body, offering him a mineral water with a high content of natural salts. Best spice, stimulates digestion, ginger is considered to be - and he preferred.
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