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» » Memory loss in elderly: Causes and Treatment

Memory loss in elderly: Causes and Treatment

Reasons for amnesia

At the same time, the pathological processes in old age have not always result from past years. Their occurrence may affect heredity, lifestyle, past illnesses, in Vol. H. And at an early age. Changes in cognitive abilities can be temporary or permanent.

When the first factor of the degenerative process, be aware that if there is a short-term memory loss, the causes can be caused by:

Flows and are not always visible to others illnesses, in Vol. H. Mental attacks, insomnia, fainting, dizziness.
Various injuries.
Infection (Lyme disease, tertiary syphilis, tuberculosis, etc.).
The consequences of receiving chemicals. It is found that the negative effect on the brain "Kemadrin" "Timolol", "procyclidine" "Disipal" et al.
Abuse of strong drinks.
Drug use.
Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, tumors in the brain, depression - one of the first "culprits" promoting the insidious disease. Doctors warn that if a loved one seen signs of Alzheimer's disease should immediately sound the alarm, to seek medical help to stop the development of an evil disease, do not let him go to the incurable, serious stage.

A brief loss of ability to memorize often provoke traumatic brain injury, which is the consequence of a concussion. Also, the reason for the termination of the pathology can be (sufficient) oxygen flow to the brain as a result of drowning or suffocation. Discomfort and can cause respiratory diseases, creating a shortage of oxygen in the hematopoietic system. Sclerosis of the brain is often observed after experienced negative emotions.

If the disease is not detected in the early stages, are not examined and appropriate therapy, it can move to the next stage. Dementia is characterized by deep brain dysfunction. Greatly affected information processing, synthesis, perception, memory, difficulties with pronunciation of words.

Senile dementia is becoming a barrier to full human life. Mental function is able to make a man completely helpless, unable to live a full life in society. In the early stages of the elderly are losing - partially or completely - independence. In moderate and severe disease suffering people need constant care, proper care, psychological support.
Memory loss in elderly: Causes and Treatment


If a person became apparent violations intelligence capabilities narrowed normal life at the household level, it is necessary to pass the neuropsychological examination. Older people can not put off a visit to the doctors in such cases:

During the last 2-3 months, significantly worsened the mood became part of "sum" memory.
During the execution of professional duties is difficult to concentrate, to think logically, to articulate questions.
Previously, he was diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, worsening cerebral circulation.
Pay attention to symptoms that are often observed in the failure in the functioning of the brain in people "golden" age:

Blurred vision, a sense of "the veil before the eyes."
The feeling of heaviness in the head, which does not pass after a sleep, rest.
Sudden aggression, alternating with depression, anger.
Nasal ears.
Loss of coordination in a familiar environment.
What if there is a rapid loss of memory in older people, how to treat the illness? Just note that the main goal of treatment of senile amnesia is to prevent further deterioration of the disease state. In this case, not to the complete restoration of health. A specialist can determine which drugs to use more efficient methods.

To identify organic brain lesions performed:

EEG (electroencephalogram).
General and / or biochemical analysis of blood.
Doppler ultrasound (Doppler ultrasound vessels of the head).
CT (computed tomography of the brain).
DSM (duplex scanning of the brain), and others.
For the treatment of cyanide used amnesia:

Pharmacological preparations.
Psychosocial therapy.
When medical treatment used:

Means improving brain blood circulation (Trental pentoxifylline).
Drugs that prevent neuronal damage (Gliatilin and Cerebrolysin, Piracetam and Aktovegin).
Means, which influence on the function (process) memory (Memantine, Alzepil, Glycine). Good results are obtained by the use of ginkgo biloba.
Important: Doctors do not recommend to put the infected person in psychiatric hospitals (clinics). It is important that he was in a familiar, home environment. The new location can affect the psyche, exacerbate illness.

When hydrocyanic dementia good results hypnosuggestive therapy. In some cases, under the influence of hypnosis can not recover "lost" facts, events. Effective and such methods are considered to be: solving riddles, puzzles, crosswords, through backwards, board games, etc.

Treatment of alcoholic amnesia

Sudden amnesia can occur when alcohol is used without any restrictions, especially on an empty stomach. Vysokogradusnye beverages in large doses lead to a breakdown in communication between brain cells. Ethanol is released into the blood, there is a rapid poisoning of the whole organism, which leads to the dysfunction of the brain. It has been observed that a small amount of alcohol does not lead to the loss of memories.

To get rid of alcoholism amnesia applied preparations containing vitamins of group B (in the form of injection or in the form of pills). Under their influence there is a restoration of the nervous system, energy metabolism is getting better. To improve the metabolism of the brain tissue and increase circulation vascular appointed agent in combination with nootropics. Patients were required to be included in the diet of foods with vitamin B - liver, sprouted wheat, beans, nuts, and so on. D.
Memory loss in elderly: Causes and Treatment

Folk remedies

We propose to use for the treatment of amnesia in the elderly proven means of folk treasure:

Honey garlic. Heads of garlic halves divided into slices, remove the husk. Pound in a mortar, mixed with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey, stand in a water bath for 15-20 minutes. Take on an empty stomach once a day for one tablespoon.
"Cahors" with honey and aloe. Half a bottle of "Cahors" mixed with 250 g of honey in May and 150 ml of juice of aloe (agave). Pour into a container made of dark glass, cork tightly. Take 3 times a day for 20 ml before meals.
The infusion of walnut leaves. 50 g walnut leaves pour a liter of boiling water, infuse 20 minutes. Eat 4 times a day for 150 ml.
A decoction of the bark of a mountain ash. 200 g of mountain ash bark pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil for 2 hours on low heat. Take 25 drops before meals.
Subject amnesia is so exciting that it has become a favorite for many filmmakers. Movies about memory loss - "The Butterfly Effect," "The Notebook," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Remember" and others. - Vivid proof of this. Pictures look with interest at any age, give inspiration, forced to look at the problem from a different angle. And you've seen these pictures?

Cherish the memory and always remember that it is an essential element of personality. Good nutrition, intellectual and physical activities help to keep it for a long time. Man must strive to make life bright and full of positives at any age.
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