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Drink milk right!

Helpful hints

1. It is better to use fresh milk from a reliable source. Prolonged boiling milk (over 15 minutes) leads to a structural change of milk proteins for the worse (in terms of nutritional value), so if you boil the milk, then remove it immediately after boiling.

2. Milk, to be internalized, should be used separately from other food, either in conjunction with products that give a sweet taste after digestion (rice, wheat, raisins, dates, bananas and so on. D.).

3. It is much better absorbed by the hot milk with spices such as ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron.

4. Hot milk with melted butter and honey helps to cope with colds, diseases of the joints (arthritis, arthrosis, and so on. D.), As well as problems with the nervous system.

5. Milk with ginger boosts the immune system and improves the function of almost all organs of the body due to uluchsheniyakrovi. Such milk is better to eat in the morning.

6. Hot medicated milk with turmeric, it is desirable to drink at night, it improves sleep and mind, restores blood and skin.

7. The milk with cardamom good for the heart and nervous system, due to the healing qualities of milk cardamom amplified 10 times.

8. milk with nutmeg lets you stop too restless mind, restores sleep, gives clarity of thought, increases the potency.

9. Milk and cinnamon helps to strengthen the heart, purify the blood and organize the work of the urinary tract.

10. Milk Dittany - a great tool for removing chronic fatigue, combat depression.

11. Milk with saffron - one of the best means of rejuvenation for any woman, a positive effect on mental state and reproductive function.

12. Milk is better to eat in the morning, with 6 to 9, or in the evening, from 18 to 21 hours, or a hot pair as a separate meal or with combined products. Cold milk can not drink. Take care of your digestion.

We wish you health, longevity and wisdom!
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