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Help the heart in the summer heat

In the summer, in the heat, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases are particularly vulnerable. Simple tips can help you avoid trouble, leading to a hospital bed.

The heat increases the load on the heart, so people with diseases are particularly at risk. Hypertensive patients have a harder time than not, people with coronary heart disease can make angina because the heart works with high efficiency.
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What to eat in the morning, to start the process of losing weight

It turns out that the query "What to eat to lose weight?" - Is not a joke. Nutritionists provide a number of recommendations about what to eat in the morning to work on digestion slimming.

Intracellular processes of aging and rejuvenation, the hormonal system - all this is directly related to nutrition. What needs to be there in the morning to lose weight during the day?
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5 fruits, which help to keep the liver and kidney health

A balanced diet is almost completely eliminates salt and fat intake significant limitations, of course, is essential to health.

The fact that we regularly do exercise, do not smoke and are able to cope with our emotions, avoiding stress and anxiety, of course, is also a factor, and improving our health and quality of life in general.

However, nature has generously offers us allies, without which it would be difficult to do: it is the fruit.

Some fruits are best suited to take care of the liver and kidney health.
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Doctors told how to deal with the internal fat

It is known that fatty deposits are of two types - external (they - subcutaneous) and internal. In the case of external still relatively easy. The fight against them is almost entirely dependent on food intake and physical activity.
But the fat, "clean" is much more complicated, since it is different in its structure.
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Amazing properties of bay leaves

Each house has its own flavor. Someone he smells like perfume or coffee, for others it was home-made food or warm milk. But there are homes in which there is the smell of an incredible freshness and purity. At the same time you feel very comfortable there, because it is not an artificial smell of air freshener.

It may be that these people know the way used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. They used a bay leaf, not only in cooking, but also use it for cleaning the premises of unpleasant odors and moisture. To do this, they set fire to the leaves of laurel ...
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Drink milk right!

Milk is a truly magical product, granted to us by nature. It contains all the substances necessary for the development and growth of the organism. Milk fat is the basis for the synthesis of synovial fluid, ensuring proper lubrication of the articular surfaces. Milk strengthens bones and tooth enamel, improves brain activity and more. In the ancient yogic scriptures indicate that the wise men were fed only milk.
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Secret knowledge of Chinese acupuncture

An incredible improvement in the physical well-being you give just one procedure. At this place you need to put a piece of ice, and a miracle happens.

Feng Fu point at the person - is unique. This area, which is obtained by acting directly on the brain to influence, because between the skin and the brain at this point there is nothing! Try to hold this extraordinary wellness facilities and to ensure the maximum effect to the body without any extra effort!
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