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» » Drinking Diet: Lose Weight in a Week

Drinking Diet: Lose Weight in a Week

Drinking Diet: Lose Weight in a Week

Just the name "drinking Diet" already implies the exclusion from the diet of solid food and sugar and alcoholic beverages. In the category of prohibited and get ready compotes and juices, dairy fat and broth cubes, - informs Joinfo.ua

If you want to achieve quick results and a pleasure to admire himself in the mirror, make the basis of the food broths (like vegetables and meat), fresh juices (not only fruit, but also vegetable), as well as dairy products that do not contain fat.

Like, if you have not done so until now, herbal and green tea, as well as compotes and jellies. And, of course, drinking water.

Drinking diet is a kind of lifeline for your body. But before the how to radically change your diet for two or three days before the diet slowly reduce intake of solid food.

Add that drinking diet promotes the release of energy, which previously spent our body to digest solid food.

At the same time, the system power supply has a number of contraindications. You can not stick to this diet of lactating mothers, pregnant women, if there are problems with the stomach, kidneys and heart.

Approximate menu:

First day: dairy products;

Day two: vegetable or meat broth;

Day three: fresh juices;

Day four: tea;

On the fifth day, treat yourself to fresh jelly;

The sixth and seventh day dedicate compote of dried fruits and fresh juices.

Tip: after drinking a diet go to eat solid foods gradually. During the seven days of such a diet it takes from five to seven kilograms.
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