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» » Season watermelons: useful properties and the danger of summer berries

Season watermelons: useful properties and the danger of summer berries

Season watermelons: useful properties and the danger of summer berries

Experts identify basic useful properties of watermelon.

1. Improves skin health

If you feel as though are in a state of perpetual war for the health of the skin, or simply want to add a bit of her radiance and freshness, try watermelon in your diet. According to studies, vitamin A in watermelon accelerates tissue repair and promotes a fresh view of the skin of the whole body.

2. Revitalizes heart

Anyone who suffers from heart problems or have chest pain, in any case, should consult a doctor. But experts are unanimous that the lycopene contained in watermelon, strengthens the heart muscle. Furthermore, vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium help to reduce cholesterol levels and thereby protect the heart from dangerous states.

3. Improves Kidney Health

kidney stone output can become your most painful experience, so never forget to take care of the maintenance of kidney health. This was known by our grandmothers, but scientists also suggest that watermelon consumption improves urination without any stress to the kidneys.

4. Improves Eye Health

Adding to the diet of a large watermelon, you will improve the health of the eye easily and improve visual acuity. Vitamin A is contained in watermelons, protect against age-related changes in the eye muscles and prevent the so-called night blindness.

5. Affects bone health

The importance of bone health can not be overestimated, especially in adulthood. Fortunately, watermelon contain lycopene and calcium are extremely useful for bone strength and to prevent their damage.

6. Lowers blood pressure

Many people try to reduce blood pressure through exercise and diet, and they should definitely include a watermelon in your diet. Magnesium and potassium contained in watermelon, well help to reduce blood pressure.

7. struggling with asthma

Experts say that the high content of vitamin C in watermelon helps to reduce risk of developing asthma. And for those who already suffer from the disease, the nutrients contained in watermelon can help to improve the overall condition of the lungs.

How to avoid poisoning watermelons

Watermelon has the ability to rid the body of harmful toxins, but only on condition that it is fresh, natural and grown without chemicals and harmful substances, the doctor says Victoria Savitskaya.

"Watermelon, like all the melons, accumulates a variety nitrates such as phosphorus, potassium and other - they are in the soil and the soil fertilizers used to accelerate the ripening and harvest. Nitrate watermelon can cause severe poisoning, especially the danger they pose to children, because even if you decide on their own risk to buy a watermelon first, do not dare to feed the baby, "- says the doctor.

In addition, watermelons microbes can develop dangerous - they may be in fertilizers which they are watered and get on the ground berries on which they lie. Because it is very important to purchase watermelons from intact crust, as they have germs and harmful bacteria have already got inside.

This specialist focused attention on the fact that a lot of poisoning is the result of the purchase of cut melons and watermelons, packaged in plastic wrap. Before cutting them rarely washes, and get all the bacteria in the pulp, plus the fact, that the cut fruit knife clean and sterile surface. A closing section of cling film, sellers actually create ideal conditions for the bacteria to spread quickly.

Nitrates have no taste or aftertaste. Because to feel the danger in time and stop using unsafe product, impossible. However, once you make a false start when buying a watermelon, you should pay attention to a number of characteristic features that point to content in the fruits of harmful substances. And finally to ensure the safety of the berries, you can spend a few simple tests at home, the expert noted.

The fact that watermelon is safe, should indicate the yellow spot on one of its sides - it shows that the fetus is in contact for a long time this place to the ground, while growing up. So any accelerators of growth was not stuffed. When compression of watermelon he should publish a quiet, barely audible crackle, as it strips should be well defined.

Before buying it is desirable to slightly scratch the fruit of a fingernail - if the berry is grown in natural conditions, it will be easy to rip off the peel, not "forced" down.

"It is safest to purchase a portable nitratometr - it's not so expensive device, it fits in a female handbag, but when in contact with pulp (in the markets it is always offered to cut the watermelon), he quite accurately show you how safe this fruit. There are also some simple ways to determine the safety of watermelon at home. Just dip a watermelon into the water (of course, if he did not incised) - Safe fruit must stay on the water, and with a high amount of nitrates it sink to the bottom. If watermelon notched already on the market - cut it down the slices and look at the sections. In safe to use watermelon, they can not be equal, to the same will be seen in the very grain of the flesh, but the slice berries nitrate is perfectly smooth, "- said the expert.

You can also carefully inspect the flesh of watermelon, which was cut in half, the presence of white or yellow streaks - a sure sign that the berries were grown using dangerous means.

Another option - to cut a little flesh and put in a glass of clean water. If it was the pink - watermelon drink unsafe.

Experts recommend not to hurry with the purchase of early watermelons and wait for the middle of August, the fruits of which will fall on your desk, they were helpful and safe. But, alas, not everyone can resist. If after such a meal you sharply feel bad - should be as soon as possible to call an ambulance, because the watermelon poisoning is one of the most dangerous, and in some cases can even be fatal.

Symptoms of poisoning watermelon often appear fairly quickly - in just a few hours after its use. The main of them - a severe headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, sometimes fever, aches and cramps occur in the joints.

 In such cases it is recommended to call an ambulance immediately, as this condition can be dangerous, particularly dangerous nitrates contained in watermelon for children, they give early fruit is not worth it. And babies under one and a half years, even in the midst of the season to eat watermelon dangerous.

Before the arrival of doctors to ease the patient's condition, you need to constantly give him a drink - the most ordinary clean water. It is advisable that people drank this amount of water that appeared vomiting. It is also possible, and even better to drink weak solution of potassium permanganate. To drink it is to all who eat watermelon together with the patient, it is not necessary to wait for some unpleasant symptoms show up, doctors advise.

If you manage to clear the stomach in time, and the temperature increased too, hospitalization, for sure, is not required. Make sure the whole family drink activated charcoal, and no harm will be laxative, and the children need to do an enema.

The next day, and the best three days after the poisoning, to lie in bed, because the body is very weakened. This certainly drink a lot - the simplest of mineral water without gas, better warm, also suitable herbal teas without sugar.
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