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» » Dates - the beneficial properties of dates

Dates - the beneficial properties of dates

Dates - the beneficial properties of dates

1. First, dates contain large amounts of dietary fiber (6.7 g per 100 g of product). Dietary Fiber normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, regulate the chair. Due to the fact that they are not digested by the body, fibers of toxins purified intestine and take part in re-establishing its microflora.

2. Availability The dates of pantothenic acid indicates that they regulate the body's metabolism, enhance the immune resistance in acute respiratory diseases, control the work of the nervous system and the adrenal glands. Keep this in mind, to use dried dates the benefits and harms are in a non-comparable balance - and the preponderance in the direction of benefit.

3. A large amount of retinol, or otherwise, of vitamin A, in Phoenicia help keep hair healthy and Split Ends, and nails - beautiful and strong.

4. In Phoenicia contains an important element for the body - potassium. It supports normal heart muscle, as well as the muscles of the human skeleton. A small amount of dates - 150-200 grams of potassium fully satisfy the daily requirement for an adult and child to obtain the necessary amount of potassium enough to eat 2-3 pieces of palm fruits.

5. Arguing whether contain the dates and the benefits and harm, we can not estimate the amount contained in them calcium - 64 mg per 100 g of product. Calcium - is a macro element, the right to every person, because the strength of bones, skeleton and teeth are directly dependent on its sufficient quantity in the body. In connection with this, dates are recommended for pregnant and lactating women who need a balanced and nutrition enriched with calcium.

Also figs contain a variety of vitamins, thanks to which the nutritional value of the fruit has grown significantly:

Thiamine (B1); Riboflavin (B2); Niacin (B3); Pyridoxine (B6); Folacin (B9); Ascorbic acid (Vit C.); Vitamin D; Vitamin K.

Rich energy value - 277 kcal per 100 grams of the product indicates that the dates may well be a full snack during the day. Enough high-calorie product, thanks to fast carbohydrates sate your appetite, give energy and strength. The dates contained minerals and substances also play an important role in restoring the body functions in the presence of cardiovascular disease, and healthy person helps to maintain a full range of all the nutrients.

These include: iron; Magnesium; Phosphorus; Sodium; Zinc; Copper; Manganese and others. Dates will help to maintain strength during long journeys, tedious road. Therefore, the traveler would be worth to take a snack on the portion of tamarind fruit, it had adopted, researchers and lovers of long road - fatigue becomes easier to move through this healing product.
There are many legends that the dates are so nutritious and rich in its composition the product that eating only drinking water, and it can stay healthy and live a full life for many decades. There is even evidence of such experiments. Perhaps these stories are without some good reasons, given the extreme usefulness of dates. But I want to warn that you should not expose your body such extremes. Especially that include dates, benefit and harm, and there is a person who is better to refrain from including in food this tasty product.

Contraindications to the use of dates

Dates svoystvaFiniki useful - so useful product, it would seem, it is not only possible, but you need to eat for everyone. However, there are limitations that do not allow you to include in food dates for certain categories of persons.

- Dates can not be used for people with diabetes. They very quickly increase the amount of sugar in the blood, which is unacceptable for people with an increased glucose level. - Dates have a high glycemic index and at the same time refer to the products with

- Precautions should eat dates for people with high dental caries - sugar, contained in the dates, aggressive act on the enamel. And if it is damaged by caries, there is a risk in a day complicate conventional caries pulpitis. However, this feature is not only the dates, but most dried fruits. As you can see, much less minuses than pluses. Benefits and harms of dates - the concept is very subjective, but pay attention to the above points it is worth for your own peace of mind.

Dates - the beneficial properties of dates

Eating dates in the daily diet

Taking into account the benefits and harms of dates daily rate of consumption of fruit - 3-5 pieces per day. The child is only 1-2 large enough palm fruit. This is the optimum amount recommended for replenishment of vitamins and minerals. If you are carried away or simply decided to eat better, do not eat more than 300 grams. dates a day.

Dates for a long time to digest because of dietary fiber, and "too far" from the amount eaten can get the opposite effect - the stomach "rise", intestines react constipation and digestion process will be delayed for a long time. Then, without the medication can not do.

Therefore, always follow the steps to this wonderful product brings your body only benefit. Dates Back to contents in the daily diet - how to eat? The best option would be to simply eat dried fruit of dates as a whole, do not forget to remove the bone. Peel do not need to take in any case - it contains a lot of valuable substances and coarse fiber. Choose to eat big juicy fruits, they will welcome you with a sweet and slightly tart taste.

Dates - a great addition to tea instead of candy and baked goods. Even without sweetening the drink and dates to make your tea party a pleasant and moderately sweet. Also, dates can be added to homemade cakes, if you love cakes with candied fruit. Phoenicia can perfectly replace the raisins.

Children older than 8 months you can cook compote of dried dates, you need 200 grams of dates to fill a liter of boiling water, boil for 5-7 minutes and let stand for about an hour. This compote will satisfy even the finicky kids, and most importantly - will soothe the tummy and prevent the formation of painful colic. Add dried dates in favorite foods - bake with duck instead of prunes, decorate ice cream and cook the rice kutyu with pieces of dates. A little imagination - and you will surprise the result of not only themselves, but also their loved ones.

Dates - the beneficial properties of dates

The use of dates for pregnant and lactating mothers

Dates Properties, useful fruits contain special stimulants to strengthen the muscles of the uterus. What is good to reduce postpartum bleeding and facilitate the process of childbirth itself. Doctors recommend taking dates immediately prior to childbirth, to improve the tone of the uterus and facilitate the exit of the fetus.

During childbirth a woman loses a large amount of blood, which leads to lower blood sugar. A small number of dates will help to fill this supply. And fruits contain natural sugar intake which does not cause a sharp rise in blood insulin.

Phoenicia contained in the vegetable fibers act as a laxative and can replace drugs that are usually attributed to women in the postpartum period.

Vitamin B 9 (folic acid) contained in the fruit, in combination with the iron contained therein is transformed into a valuable supplement the diet of pregnant women. They also have a magnesium, which is required during pregnancy to 320 mg. per day, but only one glass of dates contains about 65 mg of it.

Dates for nursing mothers are also a valuable product because:

Improve lactation
They contain large amounts of a desired during breast-feeding of potassium (650 mg per 100 g)
Are vegetable fibers and their need in this period 28 grams per day.
A high content of vitamins helps to provide the body with mom and baby essential substances, increasing the resistance to a variety of diseases.

Dates for weight loss

Despite the nutritious fruits should be included in the diet food. Phoenicia lot of natural sugars, namely glucose and fructose. This type of sugar that is not deposited us at the hip, and completely recycled into energy and nutritional value to the body's ability to work.

Can be an excellent substitute for sugar in the diet to lose weight. To do this dates crushed and added to beverages, cereals, fruit salads.

Vegetable fibers contained in the dates, help maintain a feeling of satiety for a longer period, eliminating hunger and unnecessary snacks in the form of a cake or sandwich.

Dates are a very convenient solution for those who do not eat fruits and looking for a healthy snack instead of sweets and cakes. They do not crumple, do not leak, do not smell, and take in a handbag is not a lot of space. Ideal for an office worker in addressing a snack on the run.

The fruit of the date palm enhance brain activity - they increase its productivity by more than 20%. This is another argument in favor of dates - nourish the brain without affecting the figures, but about bad candy and other sweets forget.

Since fruits are an excellent source of energy, they can be used for the preparation of breakfast energy, so during the weight loss was not a breakdown.

Be healthy!
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