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How to treat osteoarthritis of the foot

The causes of osteoarthritis

According to research by doctors blame for the destruction of the joints is a violation of the metabolic processes in the joint. This is the main cause of loss of elasticity of cartilage.

Factors that influence the metabolism:

Hormonal imbalances.
The deterioration of blood supply to the joint.
Genetic predisposition.
Joint injuries.
Inflammatory joint diseases - arthritis of various etiologies, psoriasis.
But the most common cause of osteoarthritis - a high load on the joint.
There are two types of arthritis. Primary, just occurs at high loads on the joints and is about 50% of cases. And secondary - the same 50%, but the cause of a damage and joint injuries.

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis of the foot

Soreness in the stress on the joints of the foot.
Reduced mobility.
Swelling of the joints and surrounding tissues.
Crepitus (crunching) while driving.
Changing the shape of the joint capsule.

What can offer traditional medicine to fight this unpleasant illness?

Objectives of traditional medicine coincide with the objectives and traditional medicine.

Remove from inflammation of the joints of the foot and thus remove puffiness.
Cropped pain.
Start Restore cartilage.
Establish normal blood flow and nutrients to the affected tissue.
To establish the metabolic processes in the body.

Methods of treatment of osteoarthritis of the foot in folk medicine

What can offer traditional medicine? Let's go through the most popular methods and techniques:

• Treatment using medicinal leeches.

• The use of gelatin.

• Mud.

• The use of bee products.

• A variety of compresses, ointments, lotions.

So girudoterapiya

Medicinal leeches are used to treat a variety of diseases, including arthritis and foot. Impact of leeches on the human body helps to establish the metabolism, improve blood circulation in the tissues. This in turn improves power deformed cartilage.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine is recommended by 2 courses throughout the year, for 10 sessions in one course. And it's not the only animals who treat arthritis, try the treatment of cats, and even learned how to treat bee Podmore.

Treatment of gelatin

Gelatine is able to improve the elastic properties of cartilage. The product includes collagen. This is a special protein that is part of any cartilage. If the body does not produce collagen in the right quantity, and cartilage degeneration occurs as a consequence arthrosis. A gelatin can make the necessary level of this protein.

The easiest way of treatment - 1 teaspoon of powder mixed with water and honey every day. It is also recommended to eat jelly, jellies and brawn.

Clay and mud to help you

It is effective and recognized by traditional medicine and a method for treating osteoarthritis feet and other joints. Traditionally used blue or gray clay. Compression to help eliminate inflammation in the limbs.

In the first stage completely eliminate pain and disease progression of the disease much easier.

The procedures can be performed at home, but you can use the services of specialized health centers. One year is recommended for 2 to 3 courses of 10 sessions.


Honey - is a unique natural product and is widely used for the treatment of foot joints.

Typically, this variety packs. For example - burdock leaf smeared with honey and applied to the affected joint. Wrapped a woolen scarf sore spot. This will help keep the heat and fix the limb. Compress to stand overnight. Duration of procedures - 10 to 14 days.

As you can see, traditional medicine offers quite a number of tips for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle. By the way, many of the methods of traditional medicine and used recognized and official medicine. But it is important to remember that the treatment of degenerative diseases, doctors should take. A traditional medicine can go together with the traditional. Only complex methods may suspend the development of the disease.
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