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Flatfoot - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Symptoms of the disease

You suspect at flat? Check the old shoes - if she trampled on the inside, should consult a podiatrist. When flatfoot person concerned:

 fast foot fatigue during prolonged walking or long standing;

  swelling in the feet and ankles even in the evenings;

  a feeling of heaviness, pain in the legs and the appearance of seizures.

 Women are becoming difficult to walk on his heels, lengthening and thickening of the foot have to buy larger shoes. Posture and gait lose their naturalness. There is a risk of occurrence of ingrown nail. In the last step of flatfoot patient concerned not only pain in the legs, but in the head and spine. There are signs on the type of flatfoot.

 longitudinal flat

 Longitudinal its shape causes pain with pressure on the foot or the middle of the sole, swelling the back of the foot. Soreness in the foot and ankle constant pick up new shoes is very difficult. Heel loses its shape, the longitudinal arch of the foot contour hardly visible, ankle hard driven. Longitudinal flat is found in 20% of cases.

transverse flat

 When transverse flat is deformed toes because of the disappearance of its cross vault. On the skin, blisters appear, the patient is troubled by pain in the front area of ??the foot, fingers take the form of hammers.

 Often it is a cross-flatfoot caused by hereditary muscle weakness. Inheritance is through the female line. Generally, in men, this form is much rarer - the ratio of 8: 2. In some cases, the combined form is found - is diagnosed both longitudinal and transverse flatfoot.


Flatfoot - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

In 8 out of 10 cases the cause of the problem becomes poor development of muscles and leg ligaments which need ongoing training. The muscles are deprived of their load, become weak, so they can not support the foot in the desired raised position. When perenagruzhenii leg muscles by profession also appears flat.

 The risk group includes salesmen, barbers, couriers and other people conducting the whole day on their feet.

 In rare cases (3%) is a congenital flat feet. timely diagnosis problem is that the age of five children because of all the signs of a flat foot is difficult to detect a true flat. There it is mainly due to the inherent weakness of the muscles or connective tissue disease.

Also flatfoot arises in such cases:

 Poorly matched shoes - wearing high heels and platforms, narrow shoes adversely affects the health of the feet.

 Significant weight gain (obesity, pregnancy).

 Insufficient or, conversely, excessive physical activity.

 Diseases (rickets, polio complications).

 An interesting fact is that the flat is diagnosed not only people with "standing" work, but also for those who spend a lot of time sitting. In this case, a muscle weakening.


 Doctors say that the flat itself is not dangerous, but should be wary of its effects.

 Primarily due to the load on the foot. As a result, she can not cope, increasing the load on the entire musculoskeletal system, the brain and spinal appear (due to lack of oxygen due to spasm of the muscle) pain, up to fainting.

Flatfoot - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

 Develops "clubfoot" disturbed gait and posture. Flat feet can lead to sciatica, coxarthrosis (arthrosis of the hip joint), spinal diseases. Another very painful complication - heel spurs, which causes severe pain in the leg. Attention! Women flat able to lead to gynecological problems - painful menstruation, menstrual disruptions.

Flat feet in children

 At first glance, it seems that the child's foot outlines repeat the outline of an adult, but it is not so. In fact, children under 3 years of flat foot, which often does not allow time to diagnose the problem. This is due to the fact that at the birth of the arch is filled with a layer of fat, which eventually collapses. The muscles and ligaments become stronger, which allows the child to be a long time on their feet. How to identify the baby flat feet? Firstly, while walking a little kid clubfoot, and secondly, he begins to tread on the inside of the foot, it immediately becomes apparent.

 Children often occurs longitudinal flat feet, which is treated without surgery. For the treatment of used plaster bandages and splints. absolutely can not let a problem to itself, because it can join the cross-longitudinal flat which is treated much more difficult.

The mainstay of treatment are exercises that can be done with the child in a playful way. They result in muscle tone, improve circulation and eliminate the starting strain.

 In addition, children shows massage. The massage is performed on the entire surface of the foot, starting from the feet and ending hip. This massage with certain skills can be performed even at home.


 Alas, it is impossible to completely cure deformation without surgery. Only children up to 7 years do without surgery, because the legs helps to conservative treatment. Adults also can use home treatment to eliminate symptoms and relieve the patient's life. Thus, the treatment consists in:



 Baths and compresses to the legs.

 Additionally, warm-up can be used to improve the ointment circulation in the affected foot.


 Home massage - is a great way to help your feet without additional spending of funds. If you can not do a full foot massage, take a rolling pin, pre-propylene longitudinal grooves on it, and ride her foot for a quarter of an hour. Do massage on a regular basis, every night. However, at too rapid a positive result it is not necessary to hope.

Flatfoot - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

 Also, experts advise to use the massage mat at home. But before that, you should consult your doctor about its use. Massage pad can replace walking barefoot on grass, sand pebbles, sand, or simply on the asphalt near the house.

 Buy massager foot massage can also be - buy today vibration, compression, roller, or mechanical device easily in any online store. But people say that they are weak substitute for a full hand massage.

 OINTMENT with flat feet

 Helps reduce pain and improve blood circulation with an anesthetic ointment and a warming effect. These ointments include Diclofenac, Viprosal, Finalgon.

 You can make an ointment from the pain alone.

 To do this, take mustard powder and sodium chloride in a ratio of 1: 2.

 Mix the ingredients with kerosene so as to achieve a porridge of medium thickness.

 Ointment should be used before going to bed, rubbing until completely absorbed into the region over the joint

. Take the dry grass St. John's wort, yarrow and sage in the proportion of 2: 1: 1, and connect with Vaseline (if possible, use pork lard).

 Apply the ointment 1-2 times / day and wrapped up warmly joint tissue.


 Assist domestic procedures - baths and compresses.

Flatfoot - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

 Compression wormwood

 Wormwood is well relieves pain not only for flat feet, but also with sprains, strains and injuries. Leaves it must be washed, to attach to the foot and secure it with a soft cloth.


 3% iodine solution to connect with lemon juice in equal proportions, add some powdered aspirin. This gruel to lubricate the foot, the top cover with foil and warm a woolen scarf. This compresses do every day, but only up to three days. Then take a week break. Important! Iodine use only 3%, otherwise there is a risk of burns.

Flatfoot - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


 Well help soda baths. They allow the muscles to relax, relieve spasm and pain, strengthen bones. In liter bowl pour the water and dissolve it in a tablespoon of salt (the dining room or the sea). Soak your feet in the water a quarter of an hour, then carefully dry your feet and lubricate with a nourishing cream by gently massaging the foot.

 The procedure is also able to normalize sleep.

 contrast baths

 Take 2 Basin, one fill with cold water, and the other - hot. Steam out feet for a few minutes, and then - to move the feet in a basin of cold water, but they will last no more than 15 seconds. Course - 10 days, then month break. During menstruation, the procedure is contraindicated.


 A kilogram of oak bark brew in five liters of water. Boil the broth for half an hour and pour into the tub.

 Treatment of flatfoot folk remedies


 Prepare fir foot bath. Pour into water, heated to 38 ° C, add water fir oil in an amount of 0.5 h. L. Feet should be kept in water for half an hour, periodically pouring hot water, so it does not cool down completely. Take baths before bedtime 10-12 days, then take a month's break.

 Legs carefully wipe with a towel and areas, causing pain, lubricate the fir oil, mixed in equal proportions with corn.

Flatfoot - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

 fir oil can also be used inside. Every morning, eat a piece of bread, dropping it 2 drops of pine oil. The bread should be about two minutes to hold in the mouth. The internal and external use of the same - 10-12 days last treatment, and made a break for 4 weeks. The full course lasts 2 years.

 Important! Assist based bath decoctions of medicinal plants as immortelle and sage.


Treatment of mud, and other physical treatments, including hot tubs, pool, apitherapy and so on. E., Are used in spas. In general, it is proved that it stays in sanatoria significantly improves the condition of the patient through an integrated action. Mineral water, dirt, trainers and swimming do their work. Resorts combines the restoration, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

 Treatment with surgery

 In adults, alternative therapies can reduce the symptoms of the disease, but to remove it completely can only surgery. If conservative therapies do not help, surgery is shown. It belongs to the less traumatic methods of treatment with long-lasting effect and a small period of rehabilitation.

Exercises for flat feet

 It is best to help flat feet exercises. Do they need to be regularly on a daily basis. Within 4-6 months you will see noticeable results. Shoes during gymnastics you do not need all the exercise is repeated 10 times.

1. Expand the foot. First, do gymnastics, sitting on a chair, then stood, holding the chair. If you find it difficult given the implementation, sit down. Expand the foot so that they are located on a straight line connecting the heel first, then socks.

2. Put your feet on the edge of the foot (the starting position is the same as in the first exercise). First step on the outer side of the foot, then on the inside.

3. Sit on a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart, rotate the feet in one direction and then in another direction. Just do standing.

4. We rise to the outer arch of the foot. Sit with your feet flat on the outer side of the sole and rise to his feet, without changing the position. Then change to the floor and repeat.

5. We rise to the heel and toes. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart place, slow climb back on his heels, and then on his toes. Then raise each leg alternately.

6. Stand up, holding on to a chair. Place the feet in a straight line, feet together, toes apart. At 10 times do upgrades on the toes and heels. Then repeat the exercise, changing the initial position - feet apart, toes together.

7. We go to a place at a rapid pace. The feet look a bit inside, socks do not tear off the floor, knees bent. Hip swing to the side as much as possible - right and left. Do the exercise 20-40 seconds.

8. Sit on a chair and raise the legs alternately as high as possible. Keeping up with the rise should be kept straight, locking during lifting, stretching out a leg or heel.

9. Exercise is the same, only involved both feet simultaneously.

10. Alternately walk on his toes and heels on the inside and on the outside of the foot. In steps 30-50.

11. Walk in poluprisyade, dragging his feet on the floor (exercise called goose-stepping).

 disease prevention

 In order to avoid future flatfoot, you need to perform a special set of exercises, do not forget to periodically foot bath and massage. Evening massage will help your legs to rest and recuperate after a hard day.
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