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When a sore throat, the doctor often makes the diagnosis of strep throat, although the symptoms are different. Pharyngitis what is it? Sometimes the disease is accompanied by tickling in the throat, dryness of the mucous membrane. But more often simply a sore throat in swallowing and fever. Is that a picture of the disease is quite different: the patient cough and runny nose. However, in all these cases, the doctor will diagnose strep throat. Why such different symptoms belong to one disease? And on what grounds the doctor determines pharyngitis? Because many of the nasal disease have similar symptoms. For example, laryngitis or tonsillitis.


What is pharyngitis? Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes and lymphoid tissues of the pharynx. Pharynx has three divisions: upper, middle and lower. The upper section is the nasopharynx, the middle is called the oropharynx, and the lower the hypopharynx. During the disease in an acute form first, most often affects the upper pharynx. Over time, the inflammation gradually extends to the lower divisions.

In the chronic form, the changes are more localized. Chronic pharyngitis is diagnosed by the localization of inflammation. For example, nasopharyngitis localized in the upper part of the pharynx, mesopelagic in the oropharynx, and hypopharyngeal in the hypopharynx.


Depending on the nature of the origin of inflammation pharyngitis is viral, bacterial, fungal, allergic and traumatic. Pharyngitis can be caused by irritants. Traumatic inflammation occurs after physical damage to the mucosa as a result of hit in the throat with a foreign object or sharp pieces of food (fish bones, for example). During operations on the throat, the surgeon can injure the surrounding tissue and cause inflammation.

Causes of pharyngitis may be different. Strep throat is caused by inhalation frosty or contaminated air. Pathogens can be bacteria, viruses or fungi. Disease pharyngitis often develops due to spread of infection from other foci of inflammation, located in the region adjacent to the throat. For example, dental caries can cause disease of the throat. Illness can appear after injury or as a result of allergic reactions.

Pharyngitis: causes. Irritants that can cause disease are different chemically aggressive substances. They can get to the mucous inhalation or accidental swallowing of chemicals. Strep throat will occur due to swallowing of hot liquid orinhalation of hot steam, and as a result of irradiation.


Purulent form of the disease characterized by the formation of large amounts of purulent exudate. This is a purulent liquid, which is released in the tissues during inflammation. Pathogens of purulent pharyngitis are viruses. Sometimes pus occurs in lesions of the surface of throat fungal infection. Purulent inflammation often extends throughout the mucous membrane of the pharynx, and the larynx and lymph nodes.

Purulent pharyngitis, the patient experiences severe pain in the throat when swallowing. On the mucosal surface can cause sores. The patient laid the ears, and enlarged submandibular and cervical lymph nodes. It suffers from a severe paroxysmal cough with separation of mucous-purulent sputum. The temperature jumps up to 39°C and above. Most often purulent pharyngitis accompany inflammatory processes in the upper part of the pharynx. Purulent form of the disease dangerous complications.


The chronic form develops:

1. In the case of long-term effects on the mucosa of the external negative factors: a dusty or polluted air, smoke, chemically aggressive substances, the dry hot air. This pharyngitis is heavy smokers.

2. Chronic diseases of the upper part of the throat or injury of the nose makes breathing difficult through the nose. In this case, the load on the mucosa of the lower divisions increases. The inflammatory process becomes chronic.

3. Untreated until the end of the inflammatory process in the throat, or frequently occurring respiratory diseases can cause chronic pharyngitis.

4. Excessive consumption of alcohol acts as an irritant and provokes a chronic inflammatory process.

5. Anatomical features of the structure of the mucous membrane of the pharynx sometimes contribute to the emergence of chronic disease.

6. People who have a tendency to allergic diseases, more prone to colds, they often have inflammation. These factors provoke the emergence of chronic forms of the disease.

7. A lack of vitamin a makes mucous more dry and vulnerable to external factors.

8. Chronic pharyngitis cause disturbances in the endocrine system of the body.


Chronic pharyngitis is divided according to the degree of exposure to the mucous membrane. Is catarrhal chronic pharyngitis, atrophic and hypertrophic. When catarrhal form occurs stagnanthyperemia, a slight thickening and swelling of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. Flushing and filling with blood blood vessels in any organ or region of the body. Catarrhal form of the disease hyperemia expressed in the mucosa of the pharynx. On the back of the throat can be viscous mucus.

A sick feeling sore throat, mild pain. They have a sense of presence in the throat with a foreign object.

When hypertrophic pharyngitis the mucous membrane is thickened, loosened and heavily bloodshot. It appears growths, nodules, granules. It is covered with a thick mucus. The latter causes a lot of trouble for patients, as it needed to cough up. Tormented by severe paroxysmal cough, sometimes leading to vomiting. In addition to the negative external factors in the development of this form of the disease plays the role of heredity. If you fail to cure hypertrophic pharyngitis, can develop atrophic form of the disease, the most dangerous.

Atrophic pharyngitis is characterized by thinning of the mucosa and dryness. Atrophy of its structure, it decreases the amount glands. Externally, it looks glossy. This kind of give dried mucous clear discharge. They are sometimes yellowish or greenish. Through them seen blood vessels. Patients feel a burning sensation in the throat and scratching. SIP water often immediately alleviates the unpleasant condition of the patient.


With the appearance of inflammation kids tormented by sore throat, sore, dry. Pharyngitis in adults manifests itself not as pronounced as in children. And the younger the child, the more symptoms. The baby becomes lethargic and does not want to play. Looks tired, often "fits". He sleeps badly and eats. Infants become restless, cry a lot. In children increases body temperature.

The disease is dangerous for young children edema.

Severe swelling caused by inflammation, can lead to suffocation. Therefore, the development of the disease, parents need to closely monitor. At the first sign of illness it is necessary to call on the doctor's house and observed it regularly throughout the course of treatment.


The symptoms of pharyngitis are often similar to symptoms of other diseases. Including such dangerous as diphtheria. Therefore, it is necessary to call the doctor at the first sign of the disease. The doctor will take a swab from the throat and send him to the study. The analysis will help to determine the causative agent. The main treatment should be directed at the cause of inflammation. If discovered the viral nature of pharyngitis, your doctor will prescribe antiviraldrugs.

With a bacterial infection will help to manage antibiotic therapy. With fungi - antifungal drugs. Along with the main treatment being symptomatic. This includes regular rinsing and inhalation of antiseptics. With this purpose actively use infusions of medicinal herbs: sage, chamomile or eucalyptus. Helps reduce inflammation soda solution. In a glass of warm boiled water dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda. You can add in the club soda a pinch of sea salt. Rinse better to do after eating three times a day.

If the solution is to add a bit of glycerin, it will help to relieve the dry and sore throat. For irrigation of the throat used drug antiseptic natural origin, which is based on an extract of eucalyptus and Myrtle. The lining is treated with Lugol - iodine solution. This is an old proven remedy for pharyngitis.

Patients who suffer from bouts of coughing, prescribe mucolytic and antitussive drugs. To properly treat the hypertrophic form of the disease helps burning. Successfully applied also with the same purpose cryotherapy.

In atrophic pharyngitis treatment aimed at restoring mucosal membrane. Local treatment leads to liquefaction of mucus and tissue regeneration of the larynx. Before applying medicinal products, the surface is cleaned of mucus soda rinse or mechanically with a cotton swab coated with a liquid paraffin.

Your doctor may prescribe physiotherapy. Active physiotherapy will help to achieve a rush of blood to the affected surface and enhance the effect of drugs. Patients with atrophic form of chronic pharyngitis, it is recommended to visit a sanatorium for patients with diseases of the upper respiratory tract.


The acute form of the disease is shown to bed. Even in the case of reduction of temperature and relief of the General condition of the patient is recommended some time to be in bed. Diseases of the throat dangerous complications. The latter often arise from excessive stress on the organs and systems of the body. Bed rest helps to reduce unnecessary strain to a minimum.

In diseases of the throat to exclude cold, hot, spicy and hard food. It is better to make soups and puréed food. Porridge need to cook liquid. Perfect for patient jelly. The room where the patient must be regularly and thoroughly aired. To do wet cleaning. It is desirable to place the room humidifier. If you set a small aquarium, it will not only moisturize the air, but will act on the patient's soothingly. All these measures will help notonly to recover more quickly, but also to guard against the development of other pathologies.
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