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Traditional western methods of weight loss usually include practices like calorie-restricting, long, intense workout sessions every day, diet fads and weight loss pills.

The unfortunate truth is that these are not healthy, sustainable ways to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Far from being a weight loss fad or unsustainable, the principles of Ayurveda can help you to lose weight in a healthy, maintainable way.

Ayurveda doesn’t focus on quick, short-term solutions to things like weight loss – instead focusing on creating a healthy, sustainable way of living that encourages weight loss and discourages weight gain.

Having said that, there are a number of Ayurvedic weight loss drinks that contain some incredible ingredients that will help you shed pounds.

Digestion is the key to weight loss and good health. In Ayurveda, this is referred to as “Agni” meaning “fire.” Maintaining a strong “Agni” or digestive fire is paramount to our health, allowing us to remove “ama” or toxins in the body that accumulate from undigested food.

All of the following Ayurvedic weight loss drinks contain ingredients that help to promote a strong agni and remove ama from the body, which will help to keep your digestive fire strong and assist with weight loss.
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When a sore throat, the doctor often makes the diagnosis of strep throat, although the symptoms are different. Pharyngitis what is it? Sometimes the disease is accompanied by tickling in the throat, dryness of the mucous membrane. But more often simply a sore throat in swallowing and fever. Is that a picture of the disease is quite different: the patient cough and runny nose. However, in all these cases, the doctor will diagnose strep throat. Why such different symptoms belong to one disease? And on what grounds the doctor determines pharyngitis? Because many of the nasal disease have similar symptoms. For example, laryngitis or tonsillitis.
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