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» » Swelling of the face - the reasons and how to get rid

Swelling of the face - the reasons and how to get rid

Swelling of the face - the reasons and how to get rid

Causes of facial edema

1) The habit of smearing the face with a fat cream for the night, which still remains on the skin. It clogs your pores and prevents the accumulated per day of fluid to leave the body at night.

Best of all, even if without nourishing cream before going to bed you find it difficult to manage, carefully wipe the napkin it balances on the surface epithelium.

2) The habit of drinking plenty of water before going to bed. Clearly, this is a derivative of the habit to eat dinner later. If your job does not allow you to live by a different schedule, or at least strictly dose amount eaten and drunk.

You'll see that this is a very quick impact on the healthy and beautiful appearance of your skin. After all drunk before going to sleep at night the water accumulated in the subcutaneous layer and out in the morning in the form of bags under the eyes and multiple swellings on the face.

3) Alcohol also contribute to the fact that the liquid accumulates under the skin. Their use reduces the rapidity of the metabolism, which leads to swelling of the facial edema appearance utro.Prichiny

4) Salt in large amounts also leads to blockage of pores and therefore remains in the body fluid. For the purpose of this warning, it is necessary to salt less food, especially in the summer.

5) The cause of the swelling on the face can also be a hormonal failure, resulting in increased levels of the female hormone estrogen. On the face, in the form of multiple edema, seen primarily.

6) With age, skin elasticity and function of the natural filter of the human body - the kidneys, decreases significantly. And this leads to problems, which we consider in the course of this article - swelling of the face.

7) direct rays of the sun are not only the charge of joy and happiness, but also ultraviolet particles flow which adversely affect the skin. There are plenty of sunscreens that will help solve this problem.

8) The habit of going to bed late and wake up early can also affect your skin. Edema appears from the fact that the body does not properly rested. So rethink your daily routine to get rid of cosmetic problems with the skin.

Swelling of the face - the reasons and how to get rid

How to get rid of the swelling on his face

We now proceed to an analysis of how it is to get rid of the swelling on his face. First of all, remember the following:

1) A decoction of chamomile has always improves skin tone. You can also use it in frozen form, in the form of ice cubes, with which should be stroking her skin as the melting.

2) The nettles it refers to the same extent. Surely it is much growing near your garden? If it is, prepare a decoction and then freeze. Well, or you can do compresses to the face of the fluid-like tools.

3) The fruits cranberries qualitatively eliminate problems with swelling of the face, if you prepare from them masochku.

4) It is also an ingredient in the treatment of facial edema suitable chicory.

5) Prepare a salad of dandelion leaves, which has a positive impact on the healthy appearance of your skin, and as a whole will provide an opportunity to forget about the swelling. Moreover, it means introducing into the body an important dose of potassium, which is his only advantage.

6) Among the most popular fruits in order to treat swelling of the skin can be called apples, melon, watermelon, grapes and cherries. Eat them to the maximum, it is desirable fresh and then will no longer feel uncomfortable about his face.

7) Oranges also contribute to the improvement of the skin and the acquisition of its healthy color, which is especially important in the area of ??the face.

8) The mask of fresh cucumber and radish will make your skin prepared for protection against edema. So you can not worry on that score. Leave the mask on the face need not less than twenty minutes.

Swelling of the face - the reasons and how to get rid

9) from green tea also can make an excellent poultice for persons struggling with edema.

10) As an ingredient for the preparation of the mask can be applied potatoes - probably also cook it in grated form, as Drannikov not be easy experienced hostess?

11) After all the masks a good idea to wipe the skin with a piece of ice. It will cleanse and moisturize it from the outside.

12) It is also a popular facial massage with the use of funds from essential oils and extra virgin olive oil.

13) You can also use ordinary water with the addition of oils of geranium and rosemary. But much more effective still is the basis of the olive.

14) You can use your spare time, go swimming, which will increase the elasticity of the skin and will cause your blood vessels to normal. And this is also one of the causes of the swelling on his face - the poor condition of the vessels.

15) Before going to sleep better to replace the habit of drinking water, cold shower.

As you can see, facial swelling - this is not a big problem, if timely applied the secrets of folk wisdom and treatments!
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