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» » Benefits and harms of chestnut

Benefits and harms of chestnut

Benefits and harms of chestnut

First of all, the fact that in warmer climates tends to rise slightly different view of chestnut called edible. In Russia, tear it from the tree is impossible - you can only buy, and even then not in all supermarkets.

But horse chestnut are also very popular as a means of treatment and care for your body.

So let's look at from different angles as the benefits and harms of the edible chestnut, and his kinsman horse type. We begin, as usual, with the use of:

1) The combination of the edible chestnut proteins, fats and carbohydrates is optimized so that the product is low calorie and thus highly valuable energy.

2) Chestnut contains a lot of tannins, which help in the fight against sweeps and other unpleasant stomach disorders.

3) In the edible chestnut a lot of starch, which makes it a source of energy and is very dietary product, as it may seem.

Recommend to use brown people who are prone to drowsiness and low motor activity - this will significantly increase your vitality.

4) In the skin of chestnut brown contains insoluble fiber, which is also a very good effect on digestion and generally brings a lot of benefits to the body.

5) Due to the fact that in many horse chestnut tannins in food it is not suitable. But it is often used as a cosmetic agent for the preparation of masks, scrubs and creams.

6) By the way, scrubs chestnut flour can be done with the addition of cream, coffee, or other binders.

7) Horse chestnut is often used as a means to combat varicose veins. Also, make a decoction of the fruit and leaves, sometimes even add inflorescence in this drug.

Suffice it only for half an hour steamed feet in this solution, in order to feel a significant improvement.

Benefits and harms of chestnut

8) Horse chestnut can become an excellent anti-cellulite agent for women, if you add it to the broth fruit grapefruit or bitter orange.

9) Excellent talc happens if you make a mixture of two hundred grams of olive oil, grapefruit, basil and a hundred grams of the same amount of grated horse chestnut.

This means it is necessary to insist at least ten days, then strain and do wrap.

10) As a means of treatment for sciatica horse chestnut is used in conjunction with internal fat pig.

The ratio should be one to one, the mixture should be applied or a cabbage leaf, or a slice of rye bread. After that, applied to problem areas.

11) In the case of inflammation in the body it is horse chestnut flour rather thereof operatively eliminate symptoms.

12) The use of chestnut in food, if possible with a particular view, dilates blood vessels and strengthen their walls. This minimizes the risk of blood clots and other afflictions from which many people suffer today.

13) If you prepare a bath with extract of horse chestnut own cooking, we can feel a significant muscle tone throughout the body.

This will allow you to relax and at the same time stimulate the cells necessary for further fruitful work of the whole body.

14) If you have problems with the nasopharynx and to do her washing, the best way would be chestnut bark decoction.

Benefits and harms of chestnut

He quickly expands the vessel walls and helps your nose again breathe fully, without any hint of a disease state.

15) If you make a decoction of the bark of chestnut and its fruit, you get a universal remedy for hemorrhoids. Drink decoction should be at least three times a day on a tablespoon and then unpleasant symptoms of the disease disappear after a few days.

16) for aging skin care becomes a pleasure with the help of horse chestnut. You just have to make lotions decoction of horse chestnut for up to fifteen minutes at least once a day.

17) Edible chestnut view allows women to get rid of heavy and painful menstrual symptoms. Such extravagant method of use should not stop you if you can not have real pain to endure.

Damage of chestnut
Well, now is the time to talk about the dangers of chestnut and possible contraindications to its use. First of all, it must limit itself to the use of this product to anyone who suffers from diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver.

Also, do not confuse horse chestnut with an edible, because otherwise it is possible to start tortured constipation due to excess tannins in the body.
In cosmetology aspect can dry up your skin, if you use a scrub with the addition of chestnut immediately after drugs and lotions for skin care, also having an aggressive effect on oily skin.

Well, you can not abuse the chestnut nursing mothers and women residing in the demolition.

But whatever it was, to the best use brown and when it is really necessary for you. Then, and no problems will not arise!
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