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» » "Thalassotherapy": useful for all

"Thalassotherapy": useful for all

"Thalassotherapy": useful for all

Ancient scholars attributed the water extremely healing properties. It is no accident in the myths and legends of the radical rejuvenation has always been associated with swimming in the source or bath. Currently, the magical properties of water associated with micro and macro elements, included in its composition: mineral salts, potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium and so on. You can take the maritime procedures on their own, but for the recovery of the whole organism, it is advisable to visit the thalassotherapy centers.

The thalassotherapy center there is always something to work on.

Highly qualified doctors will offer each individual rehabilitation program. Resting during the day usually receive four balneotherapy. It can be "boiling" bathtub (with Jacuzzi multi-directional flows of hot and cold water), shower, gymnastics in heated sea water, a variety of wraps.

Seaweed wraps, are moisturizing effect, allowing the body easily enters the required amount of trace elements. Clay relieve pain in the affected joints, mud remove toxins and cleanse the skin. They are indispensable for cellulite. Algae therapy is very popular among men. They also enthusiastically visited "Turkish". "Russian" baths and saunas. "Heavy legs" The course is assigned to people under the age suffering from circulatory disorders and venous insufficiency.

We gave you information, and you choose what you like and can afford. Health to you!
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