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» » In the US, created 3D-printer to print the human muscles of the Hydrogel

In the US, created 3D-printer to print the human muscles of the Hydrogel

The new printer in the same way as its counterpart, with high accuracy extrudes layers of different materials. However, instead of metal or plastic it uses hydrogels - aqueous colloid containing human cells. The printer has a plurality of nozzles, one of which serves hydrogels, and others - special biodegradable materials which impart strength and tissue structure. When the support material is dissolved and printed fabric completes its incubation period in the car, it can be implanted in the human body.

Wake Forest team led by Anthony Atala conducted a three-dimensional scan of the human ear, jaw and muscles to create digital drawings for bioprinter. They then printed a piece of cartilage in the form of ear, artificial muscles and jaw fragment and implanted them into mice. bioprinter design lets you print fabric that can germinate in himself the blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients. First it was the key stumbling block for many bioprinter, which were created for printing the living tissue in the past. According to the team from Carolina cloth by this printer, do not show traces of necrosis, or cell death.

It is worth noting that the team from Wake Forest is not the only one who is studying the possibility of biopechati. Today, many companies and universities are developing in this area. Researcher Todd Goldstein of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research explains: "Innovation Group Atal that she was able to combine the entire process in a single machine, and as the results obtained."

At the moment it is not known whether artificial organs from Wake Forest tested on humans in any near future. According to the developers, their technology needs further improvement, but in general the industry biopechati steadily gaining momentum. The world's first printed the drug has been certified by the United States in August last year and the first transplant printed chest of titanium was carried out in Spain last September.
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