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» » Brain implant against Alzheimer's disease

Brain implant against Alzheimer's disease

The tests of the new technology have already led to significant advances. For example, participants in the experiment, paralyzed after a serious spinal cord injury, recently the first time in 5 years, was able to take a few steps on their own. This he succeeded thanks to a special computer, transmitter and electrodes located around the legs.

It sounds unbelievable, but it turns out that there was a way to pass information from one brain area to another, transferring it from the short-term memories into long-term. That is to bypass the "out of order" neural centers. The specific algorithm first translates the electrical signals, and then plays them back in the right part of the brain.

Brain implant against Alzheimer's disease

Project manager Ted Berger says that the worry for the safety of mind in this case is not worth it. Nobody is going to break the boundaries of privacy. The chip can simulate signals and retransmit them, but this does not mean that he is able to understand them, much less to transmit data to third parties. The device works as a mechanism that is able to translate text from one language to another, but he does not know how to talk.

Аlgorithm creators completed the test phase of animals and began testing the technology in humans. Nine people with epilepsy have agreed to implant implants in the area of ??the brain responsible for memory. Before the subjects put simple tasks while electronic chips fixed input and output data. This has helped to achieve the accuracy of the translation of the received signals at about 90%.
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