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Why the need for normal hemoglobin

The rate of hemoglobin in the blood

Why the need for normal hemoglobin

The normal level of hemoglobin in the blood is one of the most important indicators of the state of human health:

For men, it is normal to 130-170g / L,
women 120-150g / L,
Children 120-140 g / l.
Normal hemoglobin can be determined not only by the laboratory, but also in the appearance of man - with his good level, it has a fresh look and glow.

Donors before blood donation is required to pass the rapid analysis of the level of hemoglobin, which is determined for a few minutes, and reduced level or at the lower limit of normal will not be allowed to donate blood, because after this procedure, the hemoglobin level falls significantly, which can be extremely dangerous for good health.

It is also strongly reduced levels of hemoglobin after heavy blood loss:

after operation,
for bleeding hemorrhoids,
during heavy menstruation in women.

In these cases, you need to very carefully monitor the level of hemoglobin, make every effort to normalize it, as soon as possible to bring the body to a normal level of oxygen consumption. Women are generally not recommended to donate blood hemoglobin earlier than 5 days after the end of menstruation, because otherwise the result will be unreliable.

Reduced hemoglobin

Why the need for normal hemoglobin

When reduced hemoglobin has the dense and sickly, dry skin, prone to dizziness and fatigue. This condition is called anemia or anemia, which in most cases is of iron, that is, developed with a deficiency of iron in the body. Anemia is currently the most common disease of the hematopoietic system in the world.
Particularly at risk are children and pregnant women (due to increased demand for iron), as well as donors, the elderly and workers of heavy physical labor. Reduced hemoglobin, most often caused by various diseases, which do not give the right to assimilate iron in the body.
These include:
infectious diseases,
inflammatory diseases
transferred liver disease, especially hepatitis,
postoperative conditions,
unbalanced diet, devoid of iron and other essential trace elements.

The most dangerous anemia for a growing child's body, because it leads to:

poor sleep,
lack of appetite,
stunted growth and mental development,
children are more susceptible to infections and colds, students' academic performance is reduced.
Iron deficiency in the body, as a rule, does not occur abruptly, it is preceded by a rather long stage of the so-called latent iron deficiency, in which the hemoglobin level is normal, but the iron stores are depleted continuously.

But at this stage it is already possible to detect starting problems in the biochemical analysis of blood and clinical symptoms such as pallor, fatigue and painful peaky.
Especially need to pay attention to the level of platelets and leukocytes, and a significant deviation from the norm, it is necessary to retake the test. If the deviation from the norm is a one-time in nature, then it can be ignored, but under repeated need to go more in-depth examination to understand the root cause that caused it.

Elevated hemoglobin

It should be noted that the reduced hemoglobin is as undesirable as low as it can indicate serious problems with health, such as:

-heart diseases,
-problems and even cancer.

With increased hemoglobin doctors usually prescribe medications to improve blood clotting and thinning it, but the same effect can be achieved with proper nutrition and drinking regime. Multivitamins the drink when this diagnosis is impossible, since they contain iron and activators, in particular vitamin C, which is sufficient in normal diet.

Very often the hemoglobin rises in the summer, when excessive sweating and a large loss of fluid. Therefore, we must not only make up for the loss of the body's physiological, drinking daily at least 2 liters of plain water, but also to give preference to the liquid food (soups, teas, chicken legs, dairy foods).

A good source of additional fluid are vegetables, which are not so much iron, but a lot of vitamins.
Very useful milk products, which, thanks to calcium, inhibit iron absorption in the intestine.
It should be included in the diet as much as possible products that help reduce the level of hemoglobin - nuts, rice, beans, spinach, whole-grain bread, apricots, grapes, tofu.

With increased hemoglobin need to limit the consumption of the following products:

Fish products, since they contain a lot of iron, only one day of fish per week.
Furthermore, it should abandon the sweets and pastries, which create a favorable environment for the absorption of iron.
And alcohol has a stimulating effect on the blood. That's why people who abuse alcohol, almost always dangerously elevated hemoglobin.

Why the need for normal hemoglobin

How to increase hemoglobin without drugs

Hemoglobin level is directly related to the amount of iron in the body and immediately reduced by its lack. If the hemoglobin level is not reduced drastically, it is quite possible to improve with the help of nutrition, eating iron-rich foods.

A lot of iron contained in meat products, especially beef, veal, liver, buckwheat, egg yolk, black bread.

Also a lot of iron in the greens, carrots, beans, pomegranates, persimmons and apples.

It is desirable to combine the iron-containing foods with tomatoes, oranges, lemons and other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, because the absorption of iron occurs especially effective in combination with this vitamin.

In the presence of calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, cheese, eggs, and tea and coffee assimilation of iron, on the contrary, it slowed down, so it is best to temporarily exclude these foods or taken at different times of the day. Reduce the absorption of iron as wheat and other grains, so do not eat meat with cereals, bread and pasta, use as a garnish potatoes, beans, cabbage and other vegetables.

Traditional recipes for increasing hemoglobin

In folk medicine, there are many methods that describe how to increase hemoglobin without the aid of drugs and at the same time strengthen the immune system. We recommend to try the easiest and most popular folk recipe consisting of useful products, each of which is a storehouse of vitamins and essential trace elements.

Take a glass of dried apricots, prunes, raisins, walnuts and honey.
Everything grind in a blender and add the juice of two lemons with a zest.
Take 3 tablespoons per day for about two weeks.

Well-being, a surge of strength, performance and mood you provided.
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