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9 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

No chips and nuts!
All our much-loved snacks, like chips, nuts, popcorn and the like - instigators of excess weight. Permanently remove them from your diet, and you'll be surprised how quickly the scales will swing in the opposite direction!
300 calories for breakfast
In no case do not skip breakfast, however, do not overeat, and in the morning. Eat a portion of which is approximately equal to 300 calories. This may be meat, eggs, fish, combined with the whole grain bread or vegetables.
5 minutes on physical jerks
Do not exhaust yourself long workouts, just for the day, when given free time, give out 5 minutes to charge. Make as squats, swings his arms and legs, the slopes - the most basic exercises. Main - regularity!
Changing habits
Rather than go after work with colleagues in a cafe or pub, ask them to take a walk in the park. If such a walk will become a habit for you, you will quickly strengthen the muscles of your body and become slimmer.
Vegetables - mandatory
At every meal eat vegetables in any form. Make sure that a serving of vegetables was approximately 2-3 times larger than the portion of the protein and carbohydrate foods. Vegetables will result in the order of your metabolism, and you will begin to lose weight without giving up the foods.

Few races
Running - universal, and most importantly - free means of losing weight. If you are unable to jog daily, make them 3 times a week for 20 minutes. This will be enough to get you pretty quickly feel the result.
Mini portions
You can not abandon a favorite chocolate or cake? Always take themselves a minimum number of goodies. For example, if before you could eat a whole chocolate bar, limit one slice. Choosing cafe goodies, stop at the smallest portion.
Hot rhythms
After 2 months of dance classes you will find clearly that began to get into their old jeans. Any dancing - it's a great workout the muscles and good aerobic exercise.
Early dinner
Although nutritionists and say they can not torture yourself with hunger, try to train yourself to dinner no later than 19:00. At first it will be difficult: the occurrence of a strong sense of hunger, drink a glass of water, after 20 minutes, if still in the stomach will grumble, you can eat an apple, banana or yogurt drink. If you hold out at least a week, in the future you will not be difficult to have dinner early.
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