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» » How to lose weight without counting calories? 7 practical advice

How to lose weight without counting calories? 7 practical advice

How to lose weight without counting calories? 7 practical advice

Rule 1
If it is ugly - do not eat!

We often underestimate the aesthetic value of our food intake, but in vain. According to the expert nutritionist Michelle Lian, if the product is not bright and beautiful, if you did not cause positive emotions of its kind, it is best not to eat it at all. After all, food should bring joy, and when you are overwhelmed with the positive, the nutrients absorbed much better than when you are sad, bored and anxious.
Rule 2
Limit is not the calories and sugar

In fact, calories are not the enemies of the figure, the enemies of the figures - the wrong carbohydrates, especially - sugar. It contains little or no nutrients, but cause a surge in blood glucose. You feel good, cheerful and energetic, but ... it is very short. That's why you're eating a candy, immediately reach for another. Try to gradually reduce the amount of sugar intake, reducing it to zero. Replace sugar can be useful products: fruits, cereals. They also give your body energy, but do not cause sharp fluctuations of glucose.
Rule 3
Identify the main problem

If you are trying to eat more or less great, then surely you will not be difficult to understand, where, at what point do you make a mistake. For example, late come home from work and have dinner right before bed. Or you do not have time for breakfast so snack sweets and biscuits. Or begin to stick stress. Focus on solving this particular problem. You might want to change the menu for dinner. Or for breakfast to cook meals in advance, you can quickly eat. Or you need to learn not to stick stress and deal with it in other ways.

Rule 4
Become a water-dependent

In order to burn fat and remove toxins from the body, you need to drink a lot. Even if you do not eat almost anything and in this little drink, you still will not lose weight! But eating normally, but put drinking 2 liters of water a day, you and she did not notice as will become slimmer. Make it a rule to carry everywhere and always a bottle of water and sip slowly throughout the day.

How to lose weight without counting calories? 7 practical advice
Rule 5
Focus on fiber

Foods that contain a lot of fiber and fiber, gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, as well as "work" as a cleaner: thanks to all tissue toxins removed from the body much faster and more efficiently. Lean on fruits and vegetables: apples, strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, cabbage. Also pay attention to whole grains: oats, rice bran, oat bran. Each time you select a dish, remember that it must contain fiber.
Rule 6
I want to eat - eat protein!

Protein is known that for a long time satisfies the appetite and gives strength. Instead of counting calories, eat snacks during about 20 grams of protein, such as nuts. This will improve the metabolism and permanently tame the appetite. Make sure during each meal, eat something protein: fish, eggs, meat, cheese, beans, and so on.

How to lose weight without counting calories? 7 practical advice

Rule 7
Fall in love with healthy foods

Eat healthy - it does not mean tasteless! There are many dishes that you enjoy, but which it does not give weight gain. For example, you can easily replace mayonnaise dressing with olive oil mixture, mustard, lemon juice. For dessert, do not feast on ice cream and frozen juice or smoothies. Experiment with the dishes - you will love it!
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