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A false to intrafamilial (pregnancy)

Misleading intrafamilial (pregnancy) - a syndrome that occurs due to specific features of dogs - the formation of the corpus luteum during estrus and not in diestrus stage. This term is used to describe a state in which bitches show signs of pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation, but not, however, have pups or from the fact that they were not knit or fertilized Y tied bitches may also happen false intrafamilial if embryos, for some reason, were killed and resolved (resorption can take place for up to 4 weeks). The cause of death of the embryos may be disruption of feeding, changes in the conditions of detention, the disease is a bitch or incompatibility between female and male dog. This incompatibility can be in many cases, the cause of the birth of underdeveloped or ugly puppies. It happens that after the injection of hormones introduced to suppress estrus occurs 2-3 months re-estrus. Sometimes this happens after an unsuccessful mating, t. E. If fertilization did not work, or, as they say breeders, bitch "was left blank" .Sindrom false intrafamilial is physiological and psychological changes in the dog's condition.


The reason of this condition is still unsettled, however, is probably due to hormonal changes after estrus due pereprodutsirovaniya lyuteotropnyh factors (lactogenic hormone).


These symptoms generally appear between about one to two months after the last bitch come in hunting, most often in older females, regardless of whether they had before the pups or not. and modified by the type and strength depending on the particular case. However, the characteristic that most females will produce milk, and demonstrate a clear maternal behavior. Many females will wear shoes and other toys at home and collect them in their beds. In more severe cases, some bitches are really tense as if they really schenilis. If, at least once, the bitch was a false pregnancy, it is likely that she will do again the same after each heat.
Manifests the disease at 5-8 weeks after the end of heat in the form of swelling of the mammary glands, lactation further with the appropriate behavior female: she makes a nest for herself, whining, collects toys, can be observed aggression.
What can be done?
it is possible to alleviate the condition, and without injections, especially in females is not decoupled. On the 10-12 th day count forward and mark on your calendar 9 weeks. At 1-2 days before the due date, three times to reduce the feeding ration. Giving as little as possible of the liquid. When it was marked with the days, not to feed the bitch 1-2 days altogether. Do not worry about her health - hunger will not hurt any one of our favorite. Then another 3-5 days until noticeable swelling and sagging nipples need to keep feeding the diet greatly curtailed. Try if it is not to cook and to eat.
By reducing the carbohydrate content of the diet, reducing the consumption of water (of course you can not deny her access to the water for a long period) and an increase in the motor load (eg 2-3 times lengthen the walk, or to make them more intense.) will be produced less milk.
in no case can not express milk or pull the udder and bitches who themselves suctioned milk must wear poponku. But, to use such a bitch as a nurse alien puppies as possible.
Another controversy is the question of the expediency of local treatments nipples before conducting them, better to consult a doctor. Do not worry especially because such a state, indeed, is the normal case. Approximately 60% of the females, in varying degrees, susceptible to false pregnancy. In most cases, it is better not to carry out any treatment. The symptoms of neurosis will disappear quickly if the bitch be stripped of their attachments, and if the toys and items of her worries will be removed.
If the symptoms are strong, and the above steps do not lead to improvement in the combination of false cases intrafamilial with apathy, a visit to the doctor is required.

Some myths about false pregnancy:

Females with false pregnancy are more prone to pyometra. Most likely, this opinion has been formed because of a false pregnancy and pyometra arise in the same stage of the cycle. In addition, more prone to pyometra those animals treated with the false pregnancy hormones. If you let the bitch to have a litter, then in the future it will save her from the false pregnancy. This does happen, but only in 10 -15% of cases. Females with irregular estrous cycles more prone to false pregnancy. Phase of the estrous cycle does not depend on the regularity of the cycle and proceed for all the dogs in a certain sequence.

To treat or not to treat?

In some cases, false pregnancy weakens spontaneously (if there is no incentive for the continuation of lactation), but when the symptoms are severe and cause trouble, and very dog ??and its owner, the treatment of this condition is justified. Currently, the most widespread hormonal therapy drugs containing progestogen, estrogen, androgen, or combinations thereof, and prolactin antagonist. But using this method of correction of a false pregnancy, you need to keep in mind the specific implications of such drugs. So, progestogens may cause the development of endometrial hyperplasia bubble, weight gain, discoloration of hair and hair loss at the injection site may be returned lactation after discontinuation of the drug. In addition, they can not be used in the first heat, or in females who have not reached puberty. High dose estrogen suppresses bone marrow function causing anemia and thrombocytopenia. They can cause hair loss and hyperpigmentation, and reception during pregnancy leads to malformations in fetuses and miscarriages bitches. Androgens do not have harmful effects on the uterus, but the technique can cause aggression, severe vaginitis, abnormal fetuses. Antagonists of prolactin in some cases also hard to bear dog (vomiting, anorexia, general depression).


There are several approaches to the treatment of false intrafamilial from drugs that reduce lactation, to hormonal drugs that suppress estrus and its possible consequences. It should be borne in mind that hormonal drugs does not pass to the organism is harmless and can be the cause of long-term consequences in the form of various incarnations of the mucous membrane of the uterus.
Effectively, parenteral administration of indirect and direct inhibitors of prolactin:
1. naloxone - are used at a dosage of 0.01 mg / kg of animal body weight 1-2 times daily before visible results;
2. bromocriptine - prolactin inhibitor is used at a dose of 0.01 mg / kg of animal body weight 1 times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms. A side effect of the use of drugs in both groups may be nausea and vomiting, so for 30-40 minutes before administration of the therapeutic drug dog are inside antiemetics.

Excellent results in the treatment of this disease can be achieved using homeopathic medicines and homotoxicological.

Given the negative impact of hormonal agents in animals, are obvious advantages of using homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic medicines because of its safety, bioavailability and efficacy are a real alternative to hormone replacement therapy. In the treatment and prevention of the manifestations of a false pregnancy successfully used complex homeopathic medication Ovariovit. By providing a regulating effect on the pituitary gland, Ovariovit restores the hormonal status of the organism and eliminates mental disorders. To prevent false pregnancy Ovariovit starting to use 2-3 weeks before the possible appearance of its signs (ie 1-1.5 months after the end of heat) in the form of injections 1 every 3-4 days or tablets daily for 2 -x weeks. If the symptoms are already apparent false pregnancy, Ovariovit applied by subcutaneous injection at a dose of 1.0 ml per 10 kg (min. 0.5 ml maks.5,0 mL) 1 time a day for 5-10 days, then (if needed) 1-2 injections per week. You can use Ovariovit tablets for 10-14 days. Other indications for use Ovariovita: destruction of the body due to alllopaticheskoy therapy (effects of progesterone), ovarian failure, violation of the sexual cycle, infertility female. Application Ovariovita before superovulation promotes viscous, thus increasing the percentage of fertilization and lead to an increase in litter.
Using a secure method of correction of hormonal disorders, how is the homeopathic therapy, expands the possibilities of helping the animals without damaging their bodies.

It should also indicate the widespread delusion among the owners that a single mating prevents false intrafamilial. In fact just a regular dog matings may profilaktirovat reproductive disorders.
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