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Healthy and Harmful Food for Dogs

Providing a healthy diet for your dog isn’t always so easy. Many foods that we love aren’t so dog-friendly and many of those aren’t that obvious. Most people know common dangers like chocolate and grapes, but did you know that onions & garlic are also toxic to dogs? Also, fat is a healthy part of a dog’s diet but giving them too much at once (like those fat trimmings from your steak) can lead to pancreatitis.

The graphic below provides a great guide to what foods are healthy for your dog and those you probably want to avoid. Some items that appear on the harmful side you may have fed to your dog with no adverse reactions and items on the healthy side can also pose dangers if given in large quantities. Just remember:

Healthy and Harmful Food for Dogs


Avocados might be one of the more hotly contested items when it comes to healthy vs. harmful. We’ve put Avocado pits and skin on the Harmful list as pits in general can be dangerous to the dogs. If you decide to give your dog the fruit of the avocado, just make sure it is in moderation and they don’t have any adverse reactions.

Ice Cream

Dairy + Sugar + Fat = Not Great for Dogs. A few licks may not harm them and they will probably love it, but there is really no benefit to be gained from giving your dogs ice cream. Plus, many dogs are lactose intolerant and you may find it gives them diarrhea. Frozen yogurt is a great alternative.


Tomatoes can actually be healthy for your dog, however, the unripe tomatoes, leaves, and stems can all be toxic to dogs. If you give your dogs ripe tomatoes, just be careful and monitor them. We prefer to give them foods that we don’t have to worry about.

Human Medications

Yes, your veterinarian may prescribe many medications for your dog that are also used for humans. In some instances, they may even recommend over-the-counter options found in a drug store. The key thing here however is talking to your veterinarian! Get their opinion before giving your dogs any medication.
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