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Soothing herbs and folk remedies

When the breakdown help grass
Soothing herbs and folk remediesSo the symptoms of this disease is a sleep disorder, low self-esteem, apathy and a desire to dissociate itself from the outside world.
In order to get rid of these symptoms you need to start taking sedatives. Read Stabilize your mental state. Part 1, as well as Stabilize your mental state. Part 2
Besides medical treatment, there are many methods of traditional medicine to help cope with the negative symptoms.
Teaspoon of meadowsweet (Filipendula vyazolistogo) pour boiling water and infuse for forty minutes. Take a glass twice a day for three weeks, then take a short break and resume treatment.
A pinch of dried and finely chopped lovage roots, pour two hundred milliliters of chilled water and let stand for three hours. Means to take the evening and morning half a glass. Treatment continue month.

Thirty grams of valerian root pour seventy percent rubbing alcohol, which required one hundred milliliters. Insist ten days, strain. Eat twenty-five drops of up to four times a day.

Fresh valerian roots, rinse thoroughly, remove excess moisture and grind in a meat grinder. With gauze squeeze the juice. Eat it should be a tablespoon in the evening and morning. To juice it can be stored diluted in half with vodka.
Oat seeding

The plant will need to root. His thoroughly washed, slightly obsushivayut and passed through a juicer. Ready juice drink hundred milliliters an hour before bedtime. Treatment continued for ten days.


Fresh herbs motherwort to grind with a cloth and squeeze the juice. Inside are his twenty drops of up to three times a day. To juice was stored, it must be mixed with vodka in a ratio of two to one.

Soothing herbs and folk remedies

A tablespoon of fireweed angustifolium (willow-herb) 25 0ml pour boiling water and give it brew for a couple of hours. Twenty milliliters for use up to four times a day.

White water lily

Two tablespoons of fresh flowers lilies, make a half-liter can of boiling water, and cook for a quarter of an hour. Infuse four hours then strain and drink for three weeks on a spoon 3 times.

Melissa officinalis

Two dessert spoons of dry raw materials, brewed with boiling water, which will require a glass. Insist for three hours, then strain and drink, dividing it into four stages.


Twenty grams of raspberry leaf chop and pour alcohol (70%) 100 ml. Let it brew quire days and take in the following way. The first ten days of twenty drops half an hour before a meal, the next ten days, a dose increase to thirty drops, the next tenday to forty. Thereafter, the dosage should be reduced to ten drops every ten days.


Cherry bark to dry and grind. Pour a tablespoon of boiled water 250 ml, allow it to cool. Take two times a day. A single dose of one glass infusion.

Propolis with milk - a proven soothing

Twenty grams of propolis, chop and pour the vodka, which need 100 milliliters. Insist fourteen days, shaking every two days, then strain. A glass of milk bring to a boil, and when cooled slightly add a teaspoon of tincture. The medicine taken once a day before going to sleep at night.

Pay attention to the products that help the brain to cope with stress.

Efffektivnost mixture for the treatment of nerve

Twenty milliliters of tincture of hawthorn, motherwort and valerian, two tablespoons of crushed walnuts, lemon and three hundred grams of honey in May. Lemon crush using a meat grinder together with the peel, add the nuts and liqueur. Mix well and let stand for a week in a dark place. Take teaspoonful twice daily before consumption of food during the month.
Glass viburnum berries, mash tolkushkoy add twenty milliliters of tincture of Leonurus, a glass of liquid honey and 50 ml of tincture of peony. Let it brew for twelve days in a dark place and take teaspoonful morning and evening, until the vehicle is over.
A glass of pitted prunes pour five hundred milliliters of red natural wine, put on a small fire. Means bring to a boil, but do not give it to boil. Add a bay leaf, clove bud five, five peas black pepper and half teaspoon of cardamom. Means put in a thermos, and let stand day. Take forty milliliters before bedtime.
Soothing collection of medicinal plants
Soothing herbs and folk remedies1.Valerian root, angelica root drug and peppermint leaves, mixed in equal proportions.
Two pinches collection pour three hundred milliliters of boiling water. After the agent infusion, strain. A day infusion to drink, dividing it into equal parts. Use the infusion of the month.

2.On one of the leaves of bean trefoil, peppermint and chamomile, and valerian root three parts. A teaspoon of raw pour boiling water and keep the cup in the fire two minutes. Insist filter and drink 0.5 cups in the morning and evening.

3.Mix the fruit of the fennel, chamomile flowers and two licorice, marshmallow and rhizomes of couch grass. Dessert spoon of raw materials necessary to add water, which would require two hundred fifty milliliter. Put on a little fire and boil for a quarter of an hour. Decoctions should be given time to cool down, strain and drink 20 ml twice a day. Ready means stored in the refrigerator. The treatment lasts a month.

4.Two parts of valerian root and part of marjoram. Half teaspoon collection pour 100 ml boiling water, let stand for a while, strain and drink in small sips for half an hour before bedtime.

5.Fruits of caraway and fennel, valerian root and motherwort herb mix in the same amount. Twenty grams collecting poured liter of hot water and boiled for three minutes. Let it brew for six hours strain. Drink eighty milliliters at lunch, in the evening and in the morning. Last admission one hour before bedtime.

6.One part of the horsetail, knotweed, and two of the three flowers of hawthorn. Five grams of the mixture pour boiling water 400 ml. Insist hour means. Take a glass of infusion in the morning on an empty stomach, for fourteen days.

7.Valerian root, grass oregano and uliginose, mixed in equal parts. A pinch of herbs pour a cup of boiling water, and after an hour infusions, drink small sips. Take twice a day. In the evening, an hour before bedtime.

8.Hawthorn berries, mint leaves, and motherwort grass and fireweed uzkolistogo mixed equal proportions. To prepare two hundred milliliters of boiling water pour a teaspoon collection. Insist that means you need a few hours. Take half cup three times a day. Evening reception to be half an hour before bedtime.
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