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How to treat skin walnut

The rind walnut - medicinal properties
Walnut looks luxurious and majestic. It grows almost everywhere and is one of the unique gifts of nature. Speaking and its usefulness, the folk medicine uses almost everything: first of all, it is the fruit, then peel, partitions, the leaves of the tree, even the wood, everything is in motion for the treatment of various diseases.
About the medicinal properties of the rind walnut known since ancient times and are actively used in traditional recipes. While the fruit is not ripe, the peel is green, as the fruit ripens, it dries and becomes gray-brown color.
In most cases, the green rind is used with which treat diseases of the skin, such as eczema, ringworm, and herpes. Moreover, infusions and decoctions based peel nut can be used for disease prevention, as well as in cosmetics when creating face tonics and lotions.
The composition and properties of the skin

The rind of the nut most people do not even considered as a remedy, and, as it turned out, a very good reason. It has enough variety of nutrients, including vitamins In the whole group, there are vitamins AE, F, and vitamin C, which in the skin than in black currants.

The researchers also found iodine and calcium, magnesium and iron, cobalt and zinc. Consuming inside the structure returned calm and deep sleep, insomnia retreats.
The rind walnut, according to traditional healers, can reduce cholesterol, cleanses the body from toxins available. Decoctions and infusions are used as prevention of atherosclerosis, heart disease, strengthen blood vessels.

Broth is recommended for those who have suffered a severe illness or surgery, it is enough 2-3 tablespoons in a day. This tool will facilitate a speedy recovery, moreover, it has antibacterial effects.

Also peel walnut well heals wounds, it is difficult to heal. Peel pulverized and sprinkle them a place of defeat. Also, the powder can be taken orally, this tool will help to deal with uterine bleeding or urinary incontinence.

Tincture of skin treated varicose veins, rheumatism, also means cooked through infusions, not bad cleans teeth and strengthens the gums.

What is the advantage of drugs made from the rind of nuts?

The funds obtained by the most cheap and easy to make, other than that they have the widest range of its application, which in turn makes them not only popular and in demand, but also relevant today.

Decoction of the rind can stop hair loss, stop hair loss and stop their section. Hair gradually acquire a healthy, silky appearance.

Just need to know that the skin has the coloring effect and light hair who may be upset by what they saw (the color can change dramatically), but who have brown hair, the color becomes more intense and attractive.

The broth helps fight eczema deal with calluses on hands and feet, reduces excessive sweating feet and hands.

Do not forget that eating these funds need to be extremely careful, because sometimes cause a severe allergic reaction. Try to exactly adhere to the dosage indicated in the recipe, and do not exceed it.

Recipes of traditional medicine with the use of nut rind

For immunity. In winter, our body is particularly difficult. To support him in the chilly autumn and cold winter, peel walnuts can cook sweet and useful medicine. Green peel removed from the nut, rinse well with water, better flow, cut as finely as possible, put in half-liter jar and fill with sugar (pour some honey). Normally brewed about 10 days, the contents must be periodically shaken.

When intestinal infections. Tincture of the peel is very good and in the summer, when there are frequent intestinal infections. Peel put into the container to the top, usually the bank's half-liter, pour a good vodka or 70% alcohol. Bank well and leave to clog until the tincture will not get rich brown color. Drink recommend 1 teaspoon, diluted with water, you can add a spoonful of the tea. Stored this tincture a long time, it does not lose its qualities.

Medicinal tinctures can give and children, the dose will depend on their age, for example, children from 3 to 5 years can be given 5 droplets and diluting with water, and 1-2 drops, children under 3 years.

Upon receiving infusions bowel disorder and pain in the stomach tested for 30 minutes.

Bronchitis, stomach pain. The same infusion is used in bronchitis and, besides treated gastric ulcer and gastritis. That's only if there are chronic diseases, should consult a doctor and agree on treatment.

When indigestion. Walnut skins that are left in the pot after the infusion, do not throw away, or you can fill with sugar and pour a spoonful of honey. A month later, you will find that you have turned out quite delicious liqueur with a delicate aroma. Such liquor take indigestion.

Treatment of teeth and gums. Green walnut peel grate, choose the small side (get gruel), all mixed with the juice of the grape, the ideal would be if fresh juice, add honey. This drug helps to strengthen gums and teeth, also has antiseptic properties. With the availability of sufficient funds can get rid of stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontitis. Do not forget the honey in some people cause allergies.

From worms. If you squeeze the juice from the rind, and take it inside, you can get rid of severe pain or indigestion. Also juice stimulates the removal of worms, treats inflammation of the cecum.

Medicaments peel walnut, as already noted, may be allergenic. But all this can be avoided if to use them strictly in limited quantities and with a prescription. The dose of the drugs better negotiate with your doctor. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a good effect of treatment. I wish you all the best!
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