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As a result normal eye pressure

Cure eye pressure can help folk remedies

If you go to the clinic in the early stages of diseases of the eye, and you are assigned a medical procedure. is a good supplement to the basic treatment will be folk remedies.

Traditional recipes based on bee honey

Honey, a natural and effective means for the treatment of inflammatory processes of any etiology and versatile ingredient for recipes indoor and outdoor use.

Dilute honey boiled water at room temperature and use the lotions for external use. The procedure is done regularly for a month, morning and evening. Effectively the same with frequent tearing, conjunctivitis, cataract.
For the prevention of the disease need to rub diluted honey before going to bed in the eyelids. Water and honey in equal proportions.

Bee honey and apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp. l. dissolve in a glass of warm water. Take on an empty stomach shortly before a meal, prepare the syrup before serving.

Traditional recipes based on herbs eyebright

Infusion of outdoor and indoor use. Externally used for backfilling and eyewash. The recipe, half-liter of boiling water over 25 g of herbs eyebright, insisting until cool. Filter through cheesecloth and lotions used regularly during the day. For internal use of the recipe is the same, instead of drinking the liquid, the grass freshly every day. The course of treatment lasting 1.5 years, with short intervals of one month.

Useful properties of dill

Tincture of fennel seeds. The seeds should be dried before use and grind. The composition of the half-liter of boiling water 1 spoonful of dill. Apply according to the schedule of power for 10 minutes before eating. Tincture prepared fresh every day. Duration of treatment is not continuous, 10 days of receipt and the same break. During the year, the treatment must be repeated. Approximately, 1 time each season by agreement with the doctor.

Efficacy in ocular pressure on the eye lotion based on fennel. Seeds of fennel placed in a small size and weave in boiling water. After natural cooling, make the cloth with seeds for 30 minutes on the eyelids. The procedure can be done easily at bedtime calm.

Nettles to restore intraocular pressure

Most herbs taken to collect in late spring or early summer. Young nettle has healing properties, especially harvested in May. Dry or fresh nettles 30 g of boiling water to brew a small amount so that the infusion drink at a time.

Effective gathering of several herbs: plantain, birch leaves, cranberries, succession, nettle, horsetail, dog rose, mountain ash fruits and St. John's wort. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions. Brew infusion is necessary in a thermos during the day, the proportion of 3 liters of the same number of cups of boiling water.

Lily of the valley flowers and leaves of young nettle in a ratio of 1: 3 to brew half a liter of boiling water. Insist 3:00. Add baking soda 1 ch. L., Stir to give infusions to settling grass. Flask drain settled without herbs, applied externally as a lotion for 7-10 minutes. to improve vision.

Aloe to treat intraocular pressure

For the treatment and recovery of visual health use aloe leaves. In 250 ml of water 3 aloe leaf, boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Use eyewash in the form of lotions.

Fresh juice is diluted in cold distilled water at a ratio of 1:10. Use in the form of eye drops. The solution is to use no more than 3 days, and then prepare a new one. The duration of treatment of 15 days and a break.

Useful properties of aloe are used in optic nerve atrophy, purulent inflammation of eyes, cataract in the beginning of the disease.

Herb motherwort for the treatment of ocular pressure

Collection of three components in the same proportion: 3 parts motherwort, one of the kidney tea, 2 pieces of grass cudweed. Method of preparation, 1 tbsp. l. collecting herbs on a large cup of boiling water, let cool. Then strain through a sieve. Ingest instead of tea during the day. To reduce eye pressure must be correct food and drink.

The next infusion to prepare the same way, but using other herbs: motherwort, fennel fruit, valerian root, and cumin in equal proportions. The course of treatment is calculated at 30 days.

Blueberries are indispensable for healthy vision

Bilberry has essential properties to preserve good vision. Useful in fresh form is used as an ingredient in medicine and in recipes of traditional medicine.

Blueberry leaves pour boiling water and boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Cool and strain. Take inside before a meal according to the diet.

Traditional medicine recipes rich in medicinal herbs, which are effective at the correct and timely use. The main rule of successful treatment - it is the right prevention and regular medical examination of ophthalmologist. High eye pressure may indicate the beginning of the disease or be concomitant symptom, so the necessary consultations and coordination of treatment by a specialist.
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