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» » Top 8 reasons to drink honey water

Top 8 reasons to drink honey water

Top 8 reasons to drink honey water

Thus, the use of water with honey:

1. It normalizes digestion. It improves the work of all parts of the digestive tract.

2. Improves immunity. Pass chronic colds, bronchitis, and is diluted mucus from the lungs (the natural way - through the intestines).

3. digested blockages in the intestine, dissolves stool. There intestinal rehabilitation.

4. Drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, water with honey promotes the breakdown of fat reserves in the body. This quality of its use in the preparation of a variety of diets for those wishing to lose weight.

5. If you drink honey water before going to bed half an hour, insomnia you leave alone, and in the morning will not torment morning headaches (who they happen).

6. Destroys parasites in the digestive tract (intestinal worms, giardia, protozoa, etc.). The fact is that the parasites are afraid of yellow. If they are "irradiated" Honey, they cease to proliferate.

7. Water and honey for the night is able to delay the excess water that prevents swelling and is used in the treatment of children enuresis.

8. Honey water, wipe the face. It nourishes the skin making it soft, silky and tender. It is natural cosmetics. The most ancient and modern at the same time.
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