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Useful drinks for the extension of youth

Water - the main beverage in a person's life. Without water is impossible the normal functioning of the whole organism. But not only water is useful. Scientists have compiled a list of the most useful beverages that help the body to stay young and healthy.

Palm was, oddly enough, green tea. However, to get the most out of this drink, it is necessary to brew properly. Quite a common mistake when brewing green tea - pouring boiling water over tea leaves. The proper brew is better to use a little ostuzhennoy a boiling water.
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8 effective home remedies from a headache

Headache hurts most of the world's population. It usually ranges from mild to more serious. This unpleasant ailment can ruin the best of your day!

The most common tension headache. It is approximately 90% of all cases (as stated in Wikipedia) and is due to spasm of the muscles of the neck and head. If you are prone to recurrent severe headache, accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light, then most likely, you overcame migraine.
At a high level of thyroid hormone occurs thyrotoxicosis

Thyrotoxicosis is an abnormal condition that is caused by excessive release of thyroid hormones into the blood. Thyroid gland in the normal state makes hormones that affect many physiological processes in the body, in particular on the overall metabolism. By increasing the production of these hormones is accelerated metabolism, which appears atypical clinical and sick people often refer not to the endocrinologist and other specialists.
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Sleep and male menopause

In men during menopause often develop cardiovascular disorders, neurosis. They do not come to mind hot flashes, sudden reddening of the face and neck, increased sweating, dizziness. In severe, pathological course of menopause often numbness of hands and feet, tingling sensation of the skin, flashing "flies" in front of his eyes. Periodically there is a long time and sometimes for several days, lasting headache, mainly in the head and neck. Some men, especially courageous and sustained, become hypochondriac, irritable and very rapidly, sometimes inadequately respond to the most common life situations. Often, they have lost interest in the work, to the same hobbies and appears depressed, unmotivated anxiety.
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