Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Chronic fatigue syndrome - a disease characterized by an inexplicable feeling of fatigue and weakness for at least 6 months, which does not pass even after a long rest. According to various reports of chronic fatigue disease is 10-37 cases per 100 thousand. Population.

It can develop at any age, but more often in 20-45 years. Global statistics indicate, chronic fatigue syndrome is about 2-3 times more common in women than in men. According to some estimates the world's daily logs to 1,000 new cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Neuroses Treatment folk methods

Treatment of neuroses folk methods of treatment of neurosis with the help of traditional medicine. Neuroses called functional diseases of the central nervous system, covering the whole body. The cause of neurosis is an acute or chronic overstrain of the nerves. Predisposes to the development of neuroses of infection, poisoning and improper diet.
As a rule, neuroses do not lead to violations of the psyche, but are at the same time the most common neuro-psychiatric disorders. At the core of neurosis is the wrong resolution of conflicts between the individual and significant events for it and (or) relationship, then there is a neurotic conflict. The neurotic conflict is laid mainly in childhood.
Homeopathy in urinary tract infections

Homeopathic remedies have a good therapeutic effect in patients with inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Often this method is the treatment of choice for severe concomitant drug allergy. When selecting a specific homeopathic remedy must take into account the background against which evolved violation of urination. Along with the effects on the urinary tract should be carried out metabolism correction in the propensity to stone formation, eliminate chronic infection in other organs (ENT, biliary system), and normalize the activity of the intestine. The goal of therapy is to increase the protective forces of the individual and enhance the processes of self-regulation of body functions. Recall that a lasting effect when using homeopathy can only be achieved with proper selection of constitutional remedy experienced homeopath. Addition to it can serve agents, which will be discussed below.
Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In our time, the emergence of anxiety for some reason associated with the accelerated pace of life, information technology and social problems - is that all this strongly undermines the health of the nervous system.
As a result, very often the diagnosis has become a neurosis, and he has several varieties, and the residents suffer from neurosis developed countries are constantly living and working in a high nervous tension. The circle closes: anxiety arising due to dissatisfaction with the quality of their lives, lead to neurosis, and quality of life gets worse - how to get out of this, it is not clear, and most people turn to drugs, and engaging in self-exacerbating their problems.
Treatment of laryngitis quickly at home

If laryngitis inflamed mucous membrane of the larynx, vocal cords. This leads to hoarseness of voice or its disappearance. Viral, bacterial infections affect healthy cells causing disease. The causes of laryngitis are: colds, inflammation of the respiratory organs, the defeat of the larynx with hot air, overvoltage vocal cords, and allergic reactions. Treatment of laryngitis at home can be carried out with the help of traditional medicine.