6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushrooms

You probably know all about the benefits of adding goji berries and kale to your diet, but do you know about the powerful healing properties of the reishi mushroom? If not, it’s time to get acquainted, because the reishi mushroom just might be the most dynamic superfood yet.While the reishi mushroom, or “Lingzhi” in Chinese, is still relatively unknown in Western cultures, this fascinating fungus has been revered in Asian societies for thousands of years and is one of the oldest symbols of well-being and longevity. These “mushrooms of immortality” are found growing on plum trees in the wild and were originally reserved for use only by royals.
Irregular Heartbeat: What You Need to Know + How to Naturally Treat

Each year, millions of people experience irregular heartbeats or arrhythmias. Most cases of a fluttering feeling in the chest are harmless, but some cardiac arrhythmias are extremely dangerous and require immediate treatment. It’s important to be aware of the risk factors for an irregular heartbeat and the natural, non-invasive ways in which you can treat arrhythmias.
6 Natural Treatments for Macular Degeneration Symptoms

Older adults aren’t the only ones who can experience vision changes due to macular degeneration — smokers, those with a poor diets or nutrient deficiencies, and diabetics are also at risk. In addition to vision loss, macular degeneration symptoms can include spotty vision, seeing “blank” spots, color changes and difficulty reading.
Research suggests that no matter what your age, increasing your intake of vitamins and foods that protect the eyes might significantly decrease your chances for developing macular degeneration. In addition to adding eye-protecting foods to your diet — such as brightly colored veggies, omega-3 fats and berries — keeping up with other healthy habits like exercising, protecting your eyes from the sun and quitting smoking can also help preserve your eyesight.
Natural Cancer Killer That is 10x Stronger Than the Chemo Therapy

The fruit from the guyabano/Graviola tree or the Sour Sop is an amazing natural cancer killer that is 10,000 times stronger than the Chemo.
You are wondering why we don’t know these. Well, that is because those big corporations want to get back their money spent for researches about making a synthetic version of it for sale.
You can drink the soursop juice from time to time as a prevention, and don’t worry the taste is not bad. It is natural and doesn’t have side effects. If you have a garden, plant it there.
How many people already died of cancer while these billion-dollar drug makers hide the secret of the powerful Graviola tree?
Traditional Chinese Medicine: What Does You TONGUE Say About You?

Chinese tongue diagnosis is an essential tool used by TCM practitioners. Your tongue plays a unique role in understanding your body’s constitution; it is the only organ that is both interior AND exterior. Examining your tongue can tell you everything about your organs and the state of your health. A healthy tongue is naturally pink and has a thin white coating (first in the diagram). Signs to look for are the shape and size, color, and coating.
Two simple ingredients help at increased acidity and gastritis

Most people at least once in their lives experienced the unpleasant burning sensation in the stomach or in the throat.

For many it is a simple reaction to certain products, in others it is a symptom of a chronic disease, which is difficult to get rid of.

This disease is called "gastritis", when it becomes inflamed mucous membrane of the stomach, which normally protects the stomach wall from the acid contained in the gastric juice.

When inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach increases the risk of stomach ulcers, often pain and acid reflux.

Although there are many drugs that facilitate the symptoms of gastritis, it is better to use natural remedies. This will protect us from unwanted side effects.

Many of the ingredients are of organic origin successfully help to cope with gastritis and hyperacidity.

These include aloe vera gel and honey. This combination makes it perfect for a short time to normalize the acidity and reduce the symptoms of gastritis.

Aloe vera gel is well combined with honey, and this mixture helps to relieve symptoms of gastritis.
How to get rid of heartburn: quick, tasty, useful

Heartburn - a consequence of the release of hydrochloric acid into the esophagus. Typically, a burning sensation in the throat and in the chest occurs due to improper nutrition, alcohol abuse and smoking, tightly belted, or during pregnancy.

If heartburn bothers you on a regular basis (once a week in the ordinary way of life), see your doctor to rule out diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The main thing in such a fit of burning - to remove the pain. For this purpose we have chosen effective methods to suit all tastes.
How quickly cure a cold

Came the cold and is not uncommon to notice a cold people. Shifting weather really affects the condition of the body. Reduced immunity immediately makes itself felt. You can catch a cold quite quickly, but also to recover quickly. This is especially important if the scheduled an important meeting or event. At such times, we could not help puzzling yourself how to cure the common cold for 1 day, and is it possible? This is possible if we begin to treat the common cold at the first sign of its manifestation.

Banal laziness or time prevents us to pay attention to yourself, and then the situation is exacerbated and can lead to unpleasant consequences. There are some tips that will help to cure the common cold quickly.
How to get rid of heartburn: treatment of water and grass

Heartburn - a burning sensation behind the breastbone, along the esophagus, sometimes quite painful and persistent. This is the result of casting of acidic stomach contents into the esophagus. Usually heartburn it appears after 30 - 60 minutes after a meal, sometimes on an empty stomach.

It happens most often when the stomach acidity, but may also occur in patients with atrophic gastritis with decreased secretion of gastric juice when irritating effect on the mucous membrane of organic acids produced in the stomach in violation of the digestive processes, and bile is thrown out of the gallbladder into the duodenum and then the stomach and esophagus.
Herbs from nerves - advice of traditional medicine

Status of depression and irritability can be caused by many factors. This reaction to the change in the weather, the atmospheric pressure drops, lack of vitamins, physical or emotional overload.
You can, of course, to wait, to endure, you can take a couple of pills from the pharmacy. But it's best to remember some simple but useful and effective recipes that have long been used by people to preserve the mental and physical balance.