Arrhythmia Treatment folk remedies
Arrhythmia Treatment at home: folk remedies
Well-being of man depends largely on the health of the cardio - vascular system. Arrhythmia is a certain failure in the stable work of the heart and blood vessels, the manifestation of which should not be ignored.

Treatment of this disease should be carried out not only medical drugs, and folk ways that significantly increase the healing process for arrhythmia.
Eight rules to help overcome depression

Depression - what is it really?

No one is immune from bouts of depression, sometimes it covers the head of the blue, and sometimes it is preceded by some signs: overexertion, stress, nervousness. Many people suffer from depression and the oppressed, not realizing that in reality they overcame depression. Such a condition can be quite long, so it is important to deal with it, otherwise you will be tangled up in anguish and sorrow.

Heavy thoughts, painful memories, guilt and low self-esteem often lead to depression. They should avoid at all costs, concentrate on the positive aspects of your life, smile and try to neutralize the unpleasant sensations. Launched depression can go from the emotional to the physical level, expressed through a protracted illness, which affected not only you but also your loved ones. To cope with the prolonged feeling oppressed will only professional psychologist, but in your power to prevent such a development. To do this, follow a few simple recommendations developed by us.
Packs for aching joints
Packs for aching joints are used in cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis, the symptoms of which are the crunch, inflammation, swelling and pain are frequent. Popular recipes of traditional medicine treat all who long-standing concept of "rheumatism" is familiar not by hearsay.
"For therapeutic effect, you must carefully follow the cooking instructions and the application of the national means of preliminary consultation with a doctor -. Obligatory event."
Tinnitus: national treatment

Before use in any recipe, hoping to remove noise in the ears, you need to seriously wonder about the reasons for such a state. And the answer to this question you need to look at the doctor.
Causes of tinnitus
Tinnitus can occur for various reasons, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypovitaminosis, or as a consequence of brain damage due to poisoning, injury or infection.
Traditional medicine also offers its own methods of dealing with ear noises, but before using the popular recipes, you need to consult a doctor.
To cause tinnitus cerumen and inflammation of the middle ear and evstahiit. You may receive tinnitus in people who work in industries with high noise. The cause of the noise in the ears may be age-related changes, stress or depression. Therefore, only a doctor can help you understand the causes and prescribe a treatment that will really help to get rid of tinnitus, such as vasodilators and anti-seizure pre¬paraty.
Traditional medicine also offers its own methods of dealing with ear noises, but before using the popular recipes, you need to consult a doctor.
Treatment of kidney millet

Treatment of kidney millet - People's method of restoring kidney tissue, removal of sand and slime. Infusion of millet grains useful in the treatment of urolithiasis, cystitis and other urinary problems.
Start self millet can be qualified only after receiving doctor's recommendations. Even such a useful product has its contraindications. Due to the presence in the composition of polysaccharides, a folk remedy on the basis of wheat is prohibited for people with diseases of the pancreas, or colon, suffering from gastritis with low acidity index.
Fungal infection of the nail plate or onychomycosis caused by yeast or fungi, and can appear on the legs and on his hands. The risk of onychomycosis increases in the elderly. Externally, the disease is manifested by various changes in the nail plate. It becomes a thin, fragile, exposed to delamination. In addition, there is a change in color of the nail plate, which often becomes yellow or gray color and lose the characteristic luster. There may be a variety of inclusions.
7 the most effective folk remedies for nail fungus

The fungus on the nails requires a complex and long-term medical treatment. It should be noted that the drugs used in the treatment of onychomycosis, are highly toxic and ineffective. But if the treatment of fungal diseases begin at the early stage of the disease, it is quite possible to him to get rid of folk remedies for one or two months.
Treatment of periodontal disease: recipes of traditional medicine

Periodontal disease (alveolar pyorrhea) - destructive changes in the ligaments of the tooth alveolus and root cement, which are due to neuro-degenerative processes, often accompanied by active inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) with the appearance of the teeth-gingival pockets, suppuration, loosening of teeth, an atrophy of the alveolar bone. The process of chronic, developing slowly.