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How to get rid of heel spursHeel spur or, in other words, plantar fasciitis occurs because of abnormal growths of bone tissue in the heel area. The causes that precede it, there are many, but mainly include: flat feet, overweight, various diseases of the joints of legs and metabolic disorders. The main symptom is severe heel spur heel pain that occurs during movement and physical activity.

There are several directions for the treatment of such diseases: drug therapy, physical therapy, physiotherapy, surgical method. In addition, there are a variety of effective folk remedies for heel spurs.
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How to treat osteoarthritis of the foot

Osteoarthritis - is a progressive disease of the articular device. It is believed due to the degenerative slow and gradual destruction of intra-articular cartilage and ligament apparatus. During osteoarthritis leads to changes in the bones of the joints, which in turn provokes inflammation. Osteoarthritis is a leader on a sustavami.Chem older a person becomes, the more likely to get this unpleasant disease only increases. World statistics results are disappointing data - 10-15% of the population afflicted with this ailment. The disease does not spare neither men nor women.
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Osteochondrosis - disease of the century

One of the most common degenerative lesions of bone tissue, which is considered to be "disease of the century." Changes that occur in this disease: the defeat of the intervertebral discs, ligaments and bone, in most cases lead to disability.

According to the practice, to date, do not suffer from osteoarthritis only grudnichki. More than 50% of the world population is familiar with this disease. At risk are people older than 35 years. The disease is characterized by the slow flow, and it is for this reason that people become aware of its presence after so many years.
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Soothing herbs and folk remedies

Soothing herbs - is the first thing you need to take for nervous disorders. No need to remind you that all diseases of the nerves. They are the first to respond to external factors. And in the life of modern man a huge amount of stress, fatigue and mental trauma that lead to physical ailments.

If a person wakes up with a bad mood, he reacted very negatively to the criticism, fear for their future, in most cases it is a manifestation of a nervous breakdown. In such cases come to the aid soothing folk remedies. Read the article How to calm your nerves, to escape from negative thoughts and emotions lead to a stable state
Masks from folds in the homeMask of wrinkles in the home. First wrinkles appear on the face after 25 years. Of course, they have not as noticeable as in, say, 30 or 35. But it is with the appearance of first wrinkles more easily smooth supple skin and prevent further wrinkling. The area of ??skin around the eyes and mouth - the most vulnerable, it is here that most often appear first wrinkles. Therefore, you should make a mask of wrinkles in the home, even if these procedures and will take you longer, but national agents wrinkle keep your beauty and health.
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Useful properties of the kiwi and contraindicationsUseful properties of the kiwi and contraindications. Benefits of kiwi to the human body is so great that scientists and researchers in many countries still carry out various experiments, identifying what else useful kiwi. Fruits lianopodobnyh plants - berries - very tasty, healthy, loved by all and have a high nutritional value. One of the most popular and strange to our seats a kiwi fruit or Chinese gooseberry.

Many liked these fruits unusual for an original taste, chefs and pastry chefs appreciate the aesthetic appearance of kiwi in the context of using it as a decoration for a variety of dishes and pastry. But the most important advantage is undeniably useful properties of kiwifruit.
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Useful properties of celeryUseful properties of celery. Celery is useful your property to raise the tone of the body, increase mental and physical performance. Vegetable crops normalize appetite, analgesic, diuretic property. The diet for the treatment of the leaves, stems, roots, and seeds and juice. Celery has long been recognized by all lovers and connoisseurs of cuisine around the world as a very valuable food product, it is used for medicinal purposes. Celery contains essential for our body acids and essential oils. Such a rich composition leaves no room for doubt whether the celery is useful and whether to use it for food? Of course, it is necessary and desirable, every day!
The roots and leaves of this plant are rich in amino acids such as tyrosine, asparagine, and carotene (provitamin A), vitamin B complex, vitamin K, E, C, niacin. A record number of beneficial properties of celery is contained in essential oils, which are rich in leaves (up to 30 mg /%) and root plants (up to 10 mg /%).
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The benefits of white teaThe benefits of green tea have all heard, but about white tea we know so far, not much. First, the white tea is made from the dried kidney and upper leaves of the tea bush. But since 1885, especially the leaves extracted "white" tea bush.
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Buckwheat diet

One of the most simple, effective and safe diet is based on buckwheat. According to experts, as well as any mono-diet, buckwheat diet can not only quickly enough to get rid of the extra kilos, but also cleanse the body of toxins and improve well-being. Since buckwheat contains a large amount of carbohydrates, weight reduction will begin immediately, but only after a few days of the diet. The rate of weight loss depends on the initial weight, the weight is more than the faster goes the extra weight. Buckwheat diet for a week ensures the loss of 8 to 10 kg.

What is the essence of this method of weight loss? Let's start with the fact that thanks to the content of trace elements such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, buckwheat insanely useful. In addition, buckwheat strengthens vascular walls and from -this vitamin entering into its structure, greatly increases the resistance of your body to stressful situations, improves condition of hair, skin and nails.
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